Requesting cash advances is a solution if you temporarily need more financial space.

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An unexpected expense can happen to anyone: the bill for a repair to your car or broken fridge is usually paid from your regular bank account, but if you are short on cash, you can also apply for a short-term cash loan. The money from a loan is quickly on your bank account, so it’s the way to borrow fast money. You can even close a loan outside of office hours.

The conditions for a mini loan can vary. Compare therefore different providers of a mini loan with each other, so you are sure that you borrow money for the lowest interest rates and favorable payment conditions. Just like you would for a personal loan or a revolving credit.

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A mini loan is a short-term loan of a few hundred euros. It is also called a flash loan, flash credit or mini credit. The amount is usually between 200 and 800 euros. You can borrow up to 1000 euros and you usually have to pay back within 30 days to the provider of the mini-loan. Sometimes a mini credit runs up to 90 days. Take a good look at the conditions of the mini-loan you conclude: if you pay back late, you will be fined. For example, the costs of borrowing money can unexpectedly run high.

Requesting a mini loan is quickly arranged. The first time you request a mini loan, the lender usually needs some personal information. They ask for a copy of your ID and a salary slip. On that basis, they can determine how much you can borrow. If the first mini credit has been granted, you can then quickly borrow money by sending an SMS.

A mini loan is suitable for paying the bills at the end of the month. It’s an old student joke: “At the end of my money I always have a month left.” If you already have a maximum of red, you can fall back on a mini-loan. You can repay the amount if you receive wages, benefits or student grants. There are also lenders who offer a mini loan without BKR testing and who do not have to see a salary slip.

Requesting a mini-loan is so simple that it can also be a risky temptation.

Borrowing money costs money, and of course, it is better to pay unexpected expenses with savings instead of a quick mini loan. If you do not have any savings and you are forced to take out a loan credit, please read the conditions carefully. Note the costs for the shutdown, in addition to the costs for the interest and the fines for late repayment. They can be high. You run the risk of having to take out a mini credit again next month to pay off the old one. This way you can end up in a negative spiral with rising debts.

To limit the risks of a mini-loan, you can lower your costs or earn extra money in the coming month. This ensures that your bank balance is high enough within 30 days to redeem your mini loan.

You can easily borrow money by requesting a quote for a mini loan. Click on the advertisement at the top of this article and fill in the online form of the lender. Then you will receive a quote in your email inbox within a few hours. Read the conditions carefully and request multiple offers. Request a quote via the internet easily and without paperwork and hassle. With some providers, the first time is a bit more work, but after that, you can easily borrow money in the future.

The advantage of borrowing a few hundred euros is that you can borrow without BKR check. So you quickly have some extra financial space until your monthly income is credited to your account. After requesting a quote and possibly mailing or sending information, it takes only a few hours before you can spend the borrowed money. This way you can pay urgent bills and avoid paying the fine for arrears. Paid bills give you peace of mind if you ensure that you can easily pay within 15 or 30 days within the mini-loan.

A small amount of 600 euros is easy to pay back when your next salary is credited. For smaller amounts such as these, some private lenders do not look at your BKR quotation. So you can borrow money yourself with a negative BKR code. They only look at your salary slip: if your salary is stable and high enough, then they know that you can easily pay back the 600 euro within the period of 15 or 30 days. They will approve your application quickly and then the money is quickly on your account.

It differs for each lender how much money you can borrow with a mini loan. It usually involves amounts between 100 and 800 euros. A mini-loan has a short duration of, for example, 30 days. That is why a mini credit is particularly suitable for paying ordinary bills. If you need an amount for a purchase, such as a new phone or car, a mini-loan is not very suitable. For such a purchase you can save better or take out a personal loan. You have to pay back a mini loan quickly and therefore seems to be in a red position at the bank. It is suitable for paying unexpected costs such as a repair.

A mini-loan is suitable for an unexpected expense such as a repair to your car or in your home.

It is also suitable for paying an invoice that is too late. This way you avoid payment arrears. If you take out a mini-loan, pay attention to the conditions. You get a high fine if you release the mini-loan too late. Pay attention to your income and expenses and look at these tips for saving money (link) so that you have enough money in a week or two to redeem the mini-loan.

Borrowing money costs money: make sure that the amounts for interest and additional costs do not increase. A mini loan is for increasing your financial space. But if you do not comply with the agreements, you can end up in a negative spiral, which means you get into financial problems.