The best way to borrow fast money is an online mini loan with low interest rates.

money without paperwork

You can receive money in your account within 10 minutes. For larger loans, it may take a few days before your application is accepted. But for quick borrowing you can quickly email some documents.

The lender then handles your application urgently. For a personal loan with a longer term, the lender does a BKR check . That is why it takes a few days longer to arrange.

Arrange your Money Loan Online

On the internet you have enough lenders who offer a mini loan. It can be arranged quickly, without the hassle of paperwork. You can request a mini loan via the website of the provider. You no longer have to come to the office or even have contact with the person who assesses your application . You can now arrange these types of credit online:

  • personal loan
  • revolving credit
  • minilening without BKR test
  • mortgage

First think of what amount you need to arrange some extra financial space this month . For a small amount of borrowing a few hundred euros, it is best to take out a mini-loan. You then quickly cancel it when your salary is transferred. If you need more, you can apply for a revolving credit and pay off every month. The advantage of a revolving credit is the greater flexibility for borrowing and repaying. Do you know exactly where you are going to spend the amount? If the expenditure is more than a thousand euros, you can take out a personal loan. That works well for financing a car or boat. You can also use it for buying a computer. The best models soon cost more than 2000 euros.

Who wants to buy a house can apply for a mortgage . Then you can best start the search for the best mortgage on the internet. This way you can compare the conditions and easily request quotations.

Continuous Credit Quotation

In the past, it was customary to take out a standing credit with your bank . They already know you there and you have also arranged your other financial products. But the advantage of arranging a revolving credit online is that you can get a lower interest rate. This way you can save a lot of money on your loan by arranging it with an online lender. View the offers from the lenders via Money Salon and you will see the difference in interest yourself.

If you want to borrow more than 2000 euros, with flexible conditions, it is best to apply for a revolving credit . You can pay it back in parts, at the time that suits you. The lender will look at your credit status at the BKR in Tiel. They give you a revolving credit with the condition that you do not have a negative credit code with your name.

Mini Loan Application

A mini loan is a small amount that you borrow for a short time . The duration is 15, 30, or 45 days: the amount must be repaid in full. The advantage is that you also pay a little money in interest.

A mini loan is provided as an advance on your salary. The lender takes a pay slip as sufficient guarantee that you can redeem the mini loan. That is why you can also take out a mini loan if you have a negative registration with the BKR.

The interest rate of a mini-loan is approximately 15% on an annual basis. If you borrow a few hundred euros, for a month, then the costs for interest only come to a few euros. That is why a mini-loan is attractive for a temporary financial space: you quickly solve it again.

Some lenders require you to take out insurance for the loan. That turns out in case you pay too late . That is an extra guarantee for them, but it makes the loan a lot more expensive for you. Who wants to have the money quickly in his or her account, must take this insurance. Other providers will leave the choice to you. Who can wait for the money, do not have to use these options. This way you can close a cheap mini-loan with minimal costs. The only costs are the interest.

Personal loan

An offer of a personal loan is easier to compare between the providers. The interest is fixed, so you choose the desired term and then you automatically see the interest rate that comes with it. This way you can choose the best personal loan and apply for and take out via the internet.

A personal loan starts with an amount of a few thousand euros. This form of borrowing is suitable for a large expense. Purchases that are often financed with a personal loan are a new car, a boat, a refurbishment or a new computer . You can then repay such purchases within a few years. You can take out a personal loan if you do not have a negative listing at the BKR.


Applying for a mortgage is now done quickly via the Internet. You can find a couple of lenders that offer a mortgage through Money Salon . Compare the interest rates and the conditions, such as fixed or variable interest rates. You can also call in an advisor to see which offers he or she can find for you.

For every form of loan it is wise to take the time to study the conditions. Anyone who delves into the rules beforehand can choose the right financial product with more confidence. This way you can enter into an agreement with a provider with confidence in the future and you will not face unpleasant surprises later on.

Fast Money Borrowing Without Paperwork

The truck for fast money without paperwork is filling out an online form . On the internet, lenders present offers for a mini loan, borrowing the fastest form of money. They have their own website with a digital form with about 20 questions. You can fill it in and you will quickly hear whether your request for a mini loan has been accepted. So you can quickly borrow money without paperwork, but you still have to mail a few copies of documents. That way they know your income and your identity, and you can quickly borrow money on the basis of your salary. The lender knows that you will receive your salary at the end of the month. That gives them the confidence that you can redeem the mini loan this month. Making a photo of these papers is a small effort for quick money borrowing .

Filling in an online form for a mini loan is much faster than the personal request that was needed before. You then had to go to the bank’s office for an appointment with an employee. That of the only way of borrowing money. Those times are over: an online application is done in this way, you do not even have to contact a member of staff by telephone . You let them know when you want to pay off the loan, within 15, 30, or 45 days, what amount you want to borrow, and how quickly you want to receive it in your bank account. Then you will of course hear via SMS or email how it is with the progress of your application.

Which Photos of Documents Do You Need a Lender?

Most requests are handled as you send a copy of these documents:

  • your passport or identity card
  • a payslip of the past month
  • bank statements from the past few weeks

The employee of the lender must be able to see on the bank statement what your housing costs are. The mortgage or rent and the amount of your salary determines how much money you have available to redeem the mini loan. That is why they really need this information from you.

Fast borrowing without paperwork is possible by filling in an online form . So you can get the money in your account within a few days. How long it takes exactly depends on the kind of minilening. If you indicate that it concerns an emergency loan, you can pay extra for the money to be deposited into your account within 10 minutes or the same day. But if you have a few days of patience, you do not have to make those costs.

You do not have to wait long for a personal loan or revolving credit either . This is because the lenders compare your data and quickly check the BKR. These lending forms can therefore also be closed within a few days. Applying for a mortgage can take a little longer, because more paperwork is involved. But this is about buying or renovating a house: that is not a quick decision. You can wait a few weeks for that.

Borrow Money Without BKR Registration

For a mortgage, personal loan and a revolving credit, the lender at the BKR will check whether you have had a payment arrears in the past five years. Have you ever missed a payment of an installment? Then you have a negative BKR code with your name. Then a lender will not lend you a higher amount. The risk that you can not redeem the money is too great for them. The only possibility of borrowing money that you still have is a mini loan. The lender then looks at your identity and your salary. That is sufficient guarantee that you can redeem the loan. A mini credit is the way to borrow money without a BKR test.