Need a cash loan? No worries with the best online payday loan companies

If you need money, thanks to our brand you can request the best payday loans online for an amount of € 500 within 15 minutes. When requesting the money for your web a computerized system makes us an appraisal of our request and if we enter within those conditions they grant us the money. The return period that Eicredit puts to its clients is 30 days, being able to modify these parameters quickly and easily, being a method that is safe and very reliable.

But Eicredit is not only limited to credits without paperwork at the moment of 500 euros but also if what you need is urgent cash money, they offer you the possibility of borrowing mini credits between € 50 and € 500, for these loans. In the short term, they will not demand explanations of what will be the use of money with which their anonymity is reliable.

As we commented before, we will simply have to fill in the form’s data if we want to be granted the loan without having to deliver paperwork or deliver documents by fax, although they do provide you with a contact telephone number in case you want to ask any questions.

How does Eicredit and its quick credits work?

How does Eicredit and its quick credits work?

The way how Eicredit works is very simple, you just have to fill out the online form of your website to request the money. This form lets you customize the money you request and the time period in which you will return that money from the credit and all this with a single click.

Once this first form is filled out, we will be taken to a second form where we will be asked for a series of personal and banking information.

Immediate loans without endorsements or payroll in Eicredit

Immediate loans without endorsements or payroll in Eicredit

Once we request the Eicredit money through its automated internal programming, it tells us if it has granted us the credit. Once the loan is granted, they will ask us to make an entry to your account for an amount of money of 1 to 15 euro cents so that they can validate your current bank account validation and this procedure eicredit will transfer you the total of the money requested in the miniprestamo since you have validated and authenticated your bank account of your ownership.

Offer of the first free credit at Eicredit

Like other financial companies with Hypocredit, Eicredit offers us a first free credit of up to 500 euros to attract new customers without any interest or registration fee. They will only demand that you have not already been a customer of Eicredit and that you return it to them within a very short period of 7 days.

Comments on delivery times for Eicredit quick credits

Comments on delivery times for Eicredit quick credits

Most customers say that Eicredit quick credits are quite fast due to their computerized system immediately. The schedule is 24 hours a day all year round without rest so you can request your loan whenever you want.

In 15 minutes you will have the money in your checking account so that you spend it on whatever you want. Eicredit has working agreements with the main banks such as Caixa, BBVA and Santander.

Requirements conditions for Eicredit credits

The conditions that Eicredit imposes on its clients to grant them up to 500 euros in 15 minutes are the same as those of normal financial companies. You can get credits without payroll, pension or any proven income or without having to endorse anyone.

Requirements requested:

  • They request an identity document, either DNI or NIE
  • Have a bank account in your name
  • Have a mobile phone number (Calls and SMS) and an email to get in touch with customers.
  • Do not be with Financial Credit Institutions, (Financial Credit Institutions’s list is the delinquency list in which you enter due to unpaid bills)
  • You can send them these documents by photo or photocopy, and when Eicredit reaches the documents, they get in touch with you.

Advantage of fast mini-credits

The main advantage of these mini-credits from Eicredit is how fast your application is handled by the whole automated validation process and it also never closes during the 365 days of the year and 24 hours a day will be open.

You can return the money before the deadline if you want it without having to pay any commission.

As Hypocredit does, Eicredit offers a free first credit free of charge as a promotional campaign, without interest, without commissions and to pay back in 7 days unlike if you had to pay interest on a second loan that is already to be repaid in 30 days.

If for any reason you can not return the money on time you can postpone this payment by paying the deferred credit fees and an additional penalty fee.