Calculate now and fill in directly online. With our individual loans, we support you with larger purchases and the fulfillment of your wishes – whether it is a new facility, a larger car or a new apartment. Complete your credit quickly and easily online. Depending on the region, Lenders car loan is available on different terms and conditions, which are usually determined individually in a personal conversation. The online offer is currently only offered by a few.

Loans – Living From Flexibility And Justice

Loans - Living From Flexibility And Justice


With many wishes in everyday life you need more than what you have today. Buy a new car, renovate or renovate your house. Whether you want to do something for yourself or do something good – we will help you to realize your ideas. Due to the fair credit of our cooperation partner you have more freedom – just and flexible.

Immediate decision – without neglecting the individual care. Calculate now quite simply and without obligation! Choose the desired amount and duration and calculate your credit requirements:

Simple credit

Simple credit


What are the documents required to place the order? To order your credit you need the following documents or personal data: current address; if you have lived there for less than 2 years, including the previous address, date of entry into your current employment or the beginning of your pension or retirement, payroll, further pay, monthly obligations, transfer details, if you want to repay existing loans.

What is my individual creditworthiness?

What is my individual creditworthiness?

Based on the information you entered, a detailed review of your credit order will be carried out. These correspond both to our self-image and to the requirements of the consumer institutes. As part of the credit check, we use an automated credit check, which calculates the individual and credit-based credit conditions.

What are the pluses of application? Unforeseen circumstances such as disability, unemployment, short-term work, divorce or even death may affect the repayment of a current loan. This can be easily avoided with a credit insurance – the simple cover letter from credit. Even after completing a letter of application you remain mobile. The cover letter from credit can be withdrawn within the first 30 days and terminated during the entire duration of the contract.

You can just get a loan without having to sign up for an credit letter of protection. With our letter we offer you an important contribution to the security. Your trust is important to us – the resulting fees for securing your credit are clearly displayed and not suppressed in small format. What features do I have with the application? With the application, you always have a clear view and can arrange your own credit.

The application also has the following functions: Account and sales overview with all product data, individual mailbox with built-in memory, adaptation to your wishes such as tariff reduction or special repayments, care of your personal information, eg your address or your address data, use of your credit protection.