Sometimes you have a month left at the end of your money. Then you want to quickly borrow 200 euros without BKR and have that directly on your account.


This is a good way to ensure that you can pay the bills properly until the end of the month. Who wants to pay his or her bill quickly must receive the money quickly in the account. For an amount such as borrowing 200 euros as a mini credit , it is slightly more expensive.

A mini loan of a few hundred euros is cheaper when you can wait for your money . Who wants to borrow immediately has to pay extra. If you can wait a few days until the money is in your account, you can save a lot on costs.

Pay attention with a mini loan

Of course, you do not have to take out a mini-loan for fun. You only do that in a situation where you really can not do otherwise, because you have to pay an invoice as quickly. Because you have to pay attention and read the fine print .

A mini-loan is also called a loan credit or an advance payment . This means that you borrow an amount for a short period and that amount is usually between 50 euros and 100 euros. These amounts are not so high, so you can usually repay that amount quickly. As soon as your salary is paid into your account, you can pay off a loan credit of 200 euros . This is important because you can only borrow that money for a short time. So you can see it as an advance on your salary.

When you take out a mini-loan you have to be careful that you do that with the right lender. Some companies that offer mini-credits charge too much interest and high additional costs. Therefore, pay attention to which offer you accept. The costs can vary widely. Do you need a small amount quickly without BKR then you have multiple choices so you can still reduce the costs .

200 Euro Borrowing without BKR Directly on your Account

The first time you borrow money with a mini credit you probably can not borrow the full amount. For example, you can borrow up to 200 euros. Later, if you have repaid this amount, you will then be eligible for higher amounts. Then you can borrow for example 600 euros. With some lenders you can even borrow around 100o euro . But then you have to make sure that at the first time you borrow 200 euros, you pay back the amount really well in time.

When you apply for a mini loan, you can often choose from multiple options. Do you want to receive an amount quickly on your account? Then you will have to pay extra. But if you have some patience and you can wait a few days, you can limit the costs. It is extra cost to get the amount quickly on your account .

Other Providers for 200 Euro Borrow

You have a wide choice of mini exercises. At various companies you can take out a flash credit via the internet. You are sometimes required to take out insurance. That depends on how stable your income is. Anyone who has a fixed salary or a fixed benefit usually does not have to take out insurance . But if you have temporary work or you are unemployed yourself, you can only take out a mini-loan if you also take out insurance. This way the lender can be sure that they will get the loan amount back. If you can not repay the amount yourself, your insurer can at least refund the amount.

Note that this insurance is quite expensive. It costs about 100 euros and that makes your mini-loan extra expensive. You can add that to the interest and you will see the total costs for your mini loan. Then it is often less favorable to take out insurance. You can see that a mini-loan is primarily intended for employees who already have a stable salary . The lender can check that because he or she wants to see your pay slip. If you have a permanent job with a good salary, then a small mini-loan is not a problem . But those who have little money to spend can not conclude a mini-loan. In such a case, you better stand red at the bank.


Another way to get money is to earn extra money for example. Then you have to be more patient before you can spend the money. But the advantage of earning your money or selling your own stuff is that you do not put yourself in debt . You do not have the costs of an insurance policy or of the fines that can come with a mini loan.

Data Send for 600 Euro Borrow

If you want a mini loan of 600 euros without BKR, then you have to show the papers. Sometimes you want to borrow money without paperwork , but for a first mini loan you still have to send some data via e-mail. Then the lender knows your situation. Then you can quickly borrow money via SMS, and you get a mini loan without BKR and paperwork . That goes very quickly and therefore you quickly hear whether your mini-loan is accepted.

The first time you make an application, scan the papers in your computer or take a photo with your phone. You then send it by mail. Then they can call you back on the mobile phone if you want to ask some questions. You will also receive the messages about the progress of your application via text message. Then you can immediately see when a loan of 600 euros or 200 euros is accepted . You also hear via SMS when the money is credited to your bank account.

They ask for the following documents: you must send a copy of your identity card or passport, have a proof of income. This means: a wage slip from a permanent job or from your temporary employment agency, or from a fixed benefit. They also ask for a bank statement so that they know that your bank account is indeed yours.

The Benefits of a Mini Credit

If you take out a mini-loan, you do not have a BKR test. This is an advantage for people who have not paid their debts on time in the past. Have you ever missed a payment? The BKR in registered these backlogs. That is why you often can not take out a new loan. But they do not look at BKR at all for miniature loans or a mini-credit. That is why more people are eligible for a flash credit. This way you can quickly get money into your account without having to wait long . You just need to send some documents to your lender and then you will receive the money into your bank account.

Do you already have a good relationship with the lender, because you have repaid the advance on time? Then you can also submit requests via SMS. This way you can borrow money even faster and receive a few hundred euros quickly on your account. Borrowing money without BKR is a handy way to get the end of the month. You can pay your bills so quickly without the costs of a reminder. For example, if you have an unexpected invitation for a birthday, or you want to do a short weekend trip, you can do that before your salary comes in. These are the advantages of a mini loan: it gives the extra financial space until the end of the month, when you receive the salary or benefit on your account . Be careful not to forget to pay the amount back quickly. Because the repayment term for a mini loan that is usually 15, 30 or 45 days. If you pay back too late, you will get a high fine. That is why it is important that you pay off the mini loan on time.

About the Credit Registration Bureau (BKR)

At the BKR they keep to whom money lends, how much, and from which lender. They also keep track of whether you are red with the bank and whether you have a mortgage. When you buy on installment and you have a credit at a store, it is also registered with BKR, just like your credit card .

It is normal that you have registration with BKR. There are 9 million Dutch people who have such a registration with the BKR. It handy for the lenders. To be able to see how much money you owe to other organizations. This determines whether you are able to repay a new loan. They want to limit the risk. If you already have several loans open, it is better not to borrow more money . The BKR protects both the lender and the borrower.

The BKR also keeps track of if you do not pay back your loan on time. For example, if you have a mortgage, and you are left behind with your payments, or you are late with paying off a car loan or a boat, then lenders can see that. Then you can not borrow a new amount again. A negative registration at BKR will continue for 5 years . It is difficult to take out a new loan during those 5 years. That is why it is always good to always pay off your bills on time. Fortunately, if it has gone wrong with paying back, you can still take out a mini loan without BKR.