A mini loan or mini credit is available for employees with a fixed income .

Borrow money without BKR

Recipients of a fixed benefit can also qualify for a mini credit. The lender does not make a BKR check, because the guarantee of a small amount lends from your salary or benefit. It is comparable to an advance on your monthly income.

The amounts of a mini loan range from 50 euros to a maximum of 1000 euros. The repayment term is always short: your income of this month is at most within 30 days on your account. That is why you can redeem the mini loan within 15, 30 or 45 days.

Borrowing a small amount with a mini-eating is easy and fast: you can borrow money online by requesting a mini-credit within 10 minutes. The offers at Geld Salon are from different suppliers of mini-exercises, so you have plenty of choice . There is certainly a small amount that your right solution for your situation this month.


  • 650 Euro Borrowing, 700 Euro Borrowing, or 750 Euro Borrowing
  • 350 Euro, 450 Euro, 550 Euro Borrow, Now on Your Account
  • Borrow Money, Without BKR
  • Quickly request a Minilening
  • Note the Conditions for a Small Amount of Borrowing

650 Euro Borrowing, 700 Euro Borrowing, or 750 Euro Borrowing

What do we mean at Geld Salon with “borrowing a small amount”? Borrowing 650 euros, borrowing 700 euros, or borrowing 750 euros is not something you just do: it is meant for an urgent situation, such as an unexpected bill that needs to be paid quickly.

Those who use a flash credit for consumption expenses, such as buying a new phone or eating out, should remember that the next month will be a little tighter. The repayment of the mini credit cuts into your budget of the following month . It makes little sense to go out in June and eat in a good restaurant, if you have to eat rice and beans in July to get by.

Borrowing a small amount of a few hundred euros is a good solution for your unexpected problem this month . There is a great demand for mini-credits because it looks like the bank is red, but it can be arranged much faster. At Geld Salon we explain how you can borrow a small amount.

First think of what amount you need to make ends this month. You want to borrow this amount for a particular expense. Are there any more costs you can expect before the end of the month? Also include this in your calculation. So you can take out a mini credit for the right amount and you can be sure that you can get by this month.

It does not take long to request a mini-loan . You can arrange it via the internet without any paper or hassle. You can send the online application form with some information about your income. If your application is accepted by the lender, you can expect the loan amount quickly on your account.

Take a few photos with your smartphone from the documents you need to feather an application . Your application should probably contain the following documents:

  • a valid proof of identity
  • a recent bank statement
  • a payslip

Send these photos with the online application form and you will receive a quick response from the lender. Those who have a fixed income can count on the minicredit to be arranged quickly . Then you have financial space for the rest of the month.

350 Euro, 450 Euro, 550 Euro Borrow, Now on Your Account

You can borrow a few hundred euros: it will be on your account within a few days. If you pay an extra premium, you can get it into your account more quickly, the same day . A mini loan is meant for bridging you this month. 350 euros, 450 euros, or 550 euros borrowing is a handy solution for those who are equally short of cash.

At Geld Salon we offer opportunities to quickly borrow a small amount. Pay attention to the conditions of your mini loan: there are extra costs to pay late or if you want to receive the money earlier in your account.

Also note the interest rate. Ultimately, the interest costs of a small amount do not lend so high. The term of a mini loan is so short that the interest amount is only a few euros . Compare the interest costs with the same red at the bank. As soon as your salary is credited, you are out of the red at the bank. The interest is being written off and you see that it was only a few euros.

Request a mini loan and you can borrow 350 euros, 450 euros or 550, now on your account. Borrowing a small amount with a mini credit gives you that extra financial space to get through the month. This article tells you more about the amounts that you can borrow. It is important that you know the conditions and that you pay attention when you have to redeem the borrowed amount. The lender will ask you for a few details so that they know who you are and that you can pay back the mini loan quickly . After the amount has been transferred, you can spend it again and thus complete the rest of the month without any problems.

Why do we write this article about amounts that have not been rounded off to the hundred euros? This is because a lot of money has already been written on and on other websites about a small amount that has been rounded off to a hundred euros. Those are popular amounts, but it is difficult to say why: an account that comes in unexpectedly is not usually a round sum. Why do most borrowers search for a round amount? Or the price of a new phone or new jacket in no round amount. Do you need exactly 350 euros for your purchase? Then you do not have to borrow more than that. Do not borrow more than you need. Why would you pay more interest than necessary to make your financial space sufficient ?

Borrow Money, Without BKR

You can apply for a mini loan if you have a stable income, such as a fixed salary or a permanent benefit . The amount of that income must match the amount you want to borrow. It should be clear to the lender that you can easily repay the loan amount. They are automatically protected against borrowing too high an amount.

The advantage of borrowing a small amount with a mini loan of up to 800 euros is that the lender does not perform a BKR test. It takes them time and money to check your credit status. It is only a small amount and they only have to know that your salary is high enough to repay the borrowed amount within a month. Do not worry about your credit code at the BKR: you can borrow a small amount from an online lender without any obstacles . Borrowing money without BKR check is arranged through .

Quickly request a Minilening

The form for requesting a mini loan online is entered in this way, within 5 minutes it has sent the data. The lender will quickly check if you are eligible for quick money loans and then transfer the amount to your account. How long it takes exactly depends on the mini-loan you have chosen.

You can arrange a mini loan without much paperwork. The conditions become clear via the internet and you can agree on a distance. She does not have to go to the lender’s office.

Sometimes the employee of a lender asks for some extra information. You can quickly handle this by e-mail or telephone.

And what if you need a miniature loan again in the future? The advantage is that the lender already knows who you are . The last time the mini-loan has been redeemed in time is welcome to take out a new mini-loan. Usually you also get access to higher amounts . That is a consequence of the growing trust between you and the lender. A company takes good care of its loyal customers: they bring in the most turnover over the years. The customer sees that advantage in a smooth process. A mini-loan goes even faster from the second time.

Note the Conditions for a Small Amount of Borrowing

A mini loan is the right solution to create some extra financial space this month . A mini credit of a few hundred euros gives you the opportunity to pay your bill on time. You can continue to do your daily shopping and look for an additional source of income for the next month. That is the best solution if you have less money to spend: sell what you do not need anymore or a second job for the weekend, so that you can earn some extra money .

Until you have arranged an extra income, you can easily bridge the next period with a quick mini loan via . Request a quote quickly for a mini credit and arrange the financial space for the rest of the month.