Those who take out an emergency loan without BKR will receive the money into their account the same day.


This is useful for paying an unexpected bill. It is also possible that you are suddenly invited by friends to go on a city trip or you want to go to a birthday. Then an emergency loan can be the solution to pay the fun. You know that your salary will be credited within a few weeks : then you can see the emergency loan as an advance on this payment.

It is a great advantage that an emergency loan is credited to your account on the same day. With a rush loan without BKR you borrow a small amount that you have to repay in the short term , such as 15 days, 30 days, or a maximum of 45 days. Via Geld Salon you can easily and quickly arrange an emergency loan as an advance payment on your salary.


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Emergency loan Without BKR-Check

A quick advance on your salary.

What is a good time for applying for an emergency loan? As mentioned earlier, an unexpected account is such a situation. What if your car or boiler unexpectedly fails? Those are the urgent problems that you can not ignore. You have to be able to go to work, and a broken boiler also has to work quickly again. You can not let your family live a cold house. A rush loan without BKR test gives you the opportunity to let your life go through . With an advance on your salary you can take your responsibility for an unexpected repair.

It also happens that you want to go on holiday but that you have no holiday allowance left. You can then take an advance on your salary of this month and still enjoy a city break or beach holiday. With a rush loan you have enough cash to pay for it.

Requesting an urgent loan

At Geld Salon we offer the service that you can go to a provider of an emergency loan with two clicks . We give you background information and link you to the application form for an emergency loan. You have a choice of different providers of emergency loans: you can be sure that you are applying for a loan with the best conditions in your situation .

At Geld Salon we have different articles about a mini-loan. This way you know in advance what to look out for. You also get insight into the amounts and maturities of different lenders. For example, under the conditions that you have to have your own income, so that the lender knows that you can also redeem the mini credit quickly.

You can request an advance payment on your salary, in other words a mini loan, via the website of a lender . Click on the message at the top of this article to go to the website of a suitable mini-library. You can fill in the form within 10 minutes. If they approve your application, the money can be transferred quickly and you can already use it.

The first time you apply for a mini loan without BKR , there is a maximum to the amount that you can borrow. They first want to see that you have paid back the money in time. After you have established a customer relationship with your lender, you can borrow higher amounts. That can go up to 800 euros. It is about monitoring your reputation as a reliable customer who fulfills his or her commitments . This way you automatically gain access to higher amounts for your mini loan.

It may happen that the lender rejects your request for a mini loan. They do not test at the BKR, but they do see if you have other debts open. Or you do not have enough income to be sure that you can repay the mini-loan. If you have a part-time job with a part-time salary you better not borrow money. That is too risky. What you can do in that case is to submit an application to your bank, or you can turn red for an amount of up to 500 euros .

Advance payment: 500 Euro

Customers of a bank with a low income can be red for a small amount. You can compare a miniature loan with an advance: 500 euros is a reasonable amount . It seems to be red at the bank . Do you work part-time for a salary of 1000 euros per month? Those who regularly receive that amount in his or her account can afford a small overdraft. For example, the bank can judge that you can turn 500 euros red, because you receive enough salary every month. They know that you are definitely out of the red every month. You can compare a miniature loan with red: it is an advance on your salary.

Such an advance works well if, for example, you receive an unexpected bill . That can give you a big fine if you do not pay after the reminder. The costs of a mini-loan are always lower. An advance of 500 euros is arranged and you pay back the borrowed amount as soon as your salary of this month has been transferred.

A mini-loan costs money for the interest, but that amount is not that high. That is because the term is only short. Just as with overdraft, an advance has only the interest of a few euros. You pay it back within a month, so that amount does not rise that high . A mini-loan does have optional extra costs. So it may be that you want to have your borrowed amount directly on your account. Borrowing fast has higher costs than a mini loan on which you can wait for four days.

Request a Mini loan

Are you looking for a provider of a mini-loan? Click quickly to the providers in the ad at the top of this blog post. Then you can quickly request an advance payment on your salary. A mini-loan is suitable for the unexpected account such as a mobile phone or a birthday that you did not see for a while. But if you have a fixed salary, there are enough lenders that can give you an advance . A rush loan has a short term of a maximum of 45 days, so you pay it back quickly.

Check your finances beforehand. This way you can be sure that you can repay the emergency loan within the agreed term. Have you planted any other bill or messages when your salary is credited to your account? Check carefully whether you can miss the amount of the emergency loan at that time. Whoever redeems the mini-loan too late, gets a high fine . You run that risk with an emergency loan: if you still receive an unexpected expense, you will miss the repayment date and then you will incur additional costs. Borrowing money costs money: only do it if it is the best solution .

TIP: How do you know what a sensible amount is for a quick mini loan? Look at your monthly expenses. Add the rent or mortgage to your gas and lighting, internet and telephone bill. Then you still have the costs for transport and groceries. The total sum is the amount that you need every month to make ends meet. Subtract that amount from your salary. How much remains? That is what you can pay for a maximum monthly salary. Is the amount lower than an advance of 500 euros? Then lend less, for example 100 euros. It goes without saying that your mini-loan should never be higher than that amount. Otherwise you run the risk of a payment arrears.

With Rushing Money Without BKR-Check

An advance of 500 euros is not checked at the BKR. The lender does not take the trouble for such a small loan, they have sufficient guarantee on your payslip that you can repay the emergency loan. So you can easily take out a mini loan, even if you have a payment arrears on a personal loan on a revolving credit. Your salary must be high enough to cover your monthly payments and the advance payment . That is the only thing that the borrower and the lender have to pay attention to when making the application.

An advance has a maximum of 800 euros and has a pay-off period of 15 days, 30 days, or 45 days . Choose this term as short as possible. For example, if your salary is on your account in 10 days, you can best choose a repayment term of 15 days. So you only pay a few euros in interest and you have the cheapest mini loan.

Whoever redeems the mini-loan in time can then borrow money with the same lender again. This way you build up a good customer relationship and you have the opportunity to quickly get an advance on your salary. Everyone has an unexpected expense. It gives you peace of mind that you can always contact this lender for some extra financial space . This way you can quickly borrow money at any time without BKR check .

Request an advance on your salary

Do you know that student joke: ” At the end of my money I always have a month left .” Anyone who is short of cash but has a view of the payment of a salary or fixed benefit, can make an advance on that payout. You can continue to live or pay an invoice. It does not cost you much to spend part of the money from your salary now. You can compare it with red at the bank. That only costs a few euros per month. It is best to live with that because of the ease of extra financial space.

An example in which a quick mini loan can make the difference is a transaction on eBay or Marketplace . Timing is an important part of a good deal: is there an item for a low price for sale? And you know as a smart trader that you can resell it for a higher amount? Then you can act quickly and hide the article for the attention of other traders. But it may be that the article costs a few hundred euros. Watches, laptops and jewelery cost easily 500 euros or more . Where do you get that money from? Request a mini loan with the option that money is on your account within 10 minutes. Then you can make that purchase and sell the item at a profit. The interest of a mini-loan is only a few euros, so it is a good business decision to finance your transaction with an advance on your salary.

An advance does not cost much interest . The term is short. You can also save on costs if you can wait 4 days to pay. Who wants to have this emergency loan immediately in his or her account has to pay extra. The costs of the emergency loan are therefore higher. But for the borrower who has the luxury of waiting, an emergency loan is a cheap way to quickly arrange some financial space.

An advance on your salary is so requested: a quick mini loan of a few hundred euros will come to your account within a few days. Whoever chooses the quick option can quickly borrow money, within 10 minutes, but that costs extra. Do it only if it is a real emergency loan.

You can repay the emergency loan when your salary for this month is on your account. The duration can be chosen exactly so that you have some extra financial space until you can redeem the fast mini loan. For example, if your salary is on your account in 20 days, you can opt for a 30-day repayment term for your mini loan. Then you do not pay more interest than necessary. It is also wise to already schedule the transfer of the amount . Internet banking has the advantage that you do not have to think about it afterwards. That limits the risk that you forget to transfer the money.