It is often very difficult to take out a loan – in some cases even completely.

As soon as the house bank or another bank does not approve the loan, a world collapses at first, of course. How should the bills be settled or the big minus on the account be covered? With an instant loan, all financial worries would be eliminated in one fell swoop. But what to do if the house bank rejects the loan application?


If you need cash quickly, you should take a closer look at the offers of a personal loan. Here a loan is given by a private individual and the credit checks are not so strict on such types of loans. In addition, it is also possible to apply for a so-called lightning loan at a direct bank . Borrowers who need quick cash, so have many different options to choose from.

Quick cash needed – which bank is recommended?

The times in which a loan application or the processing took several weeks are fortunately long gone. Meanwhile, there are loans that are already within 24 hours (after review) to pay. For people who urgently need cash, just the right alternative. When the house bank goes on strike, then mostly direct banks come into play.

These banks offer loans exclusively via the Internet and the advantage is not only in a very rapid processing. Due to the very high demand, there are now many offers and the competition naturally has a very positive effect on the borrower. Where there is supply and demand, prices and interest on a loan usually fall as well.

Although an instant loan (also express or Blitzkredit) compared to a conventional installment loan of the house bank is still a bit more expensive, but if there is no other alternative to choose from, the borrowers have no choice but to accept these offers.

Borrow money – the benefits in detail

An instant loan is as the name already suggests, a type of loan where the money is immediately available. In most cases, only a few hours pass from the processing of the application to the actual payment. Quick and, of course, discreet, that’s exactly what today’s lightning loans are. It is also very positive that most of the short-term loans are not subject to any specific purpose . For the borrower, this means that the loan amount can be used for all requirements or purposes.

Whether for an urgent repair, for settling debts and bills or for a holiday with friends and acquaintances, the money can be used entirely according to the needs and wishes of the borrower.

Instant loan at a glance:

  • Fast and short processing time
  • immediate payout
  • discrete treatment of applications
  • attractive interest
  • security

Investments, there are many possibilities. Some of them are known, others are less public. But sometimes you just need money, be it for building a house or temporarily to finance. Unfortunately, borrowing money is not easy, but a true science in itself, because anyone who has ever dealt with loans and lending knows that borrowing money is a highly complex process.

When can a loan be taken

In general, a loan always depends on the solvency of the borrower. If you have ever been conspicuous because of payment problems and this is underpinned by a entry , it can be difficult to get a loan.

But who has a entry, which should not despair, because you can also get loans without query, but these are a little more expensive . Providers like easycredit also grant loans without queries.

Before the loan

Before you make up for it to seek offers from the banks and savings banks should prepare his papers thoroughly. One should set out his financial circumstances in order to give the lender a good picture of his income and his securities. If you want to take a loan, you should be able to cover the monthly installments.

Loans for the self-employed

Here it is difficult to get a loan from the traditional providers. Credit institutions are reluctant to take risks of any kind, as the financial crisis and other circumstances have put banks under financial pressure. While self-employed got cheap and fast loans 10 years ago, this is almost impossible today . As a self-employed person you can not resort to the usual offers of the banks.

Bank giants such as the Ikanobank (by Ikea) or easy credit do not lend to the self-employed. At least only in exceptional cases. So if you are not an employee, it is very hard to find the right credit. Here you can only ask the house bank for advice.

Valuations and factors

The cost of a loan depends on several factors. For one thing, you have to consider the income. If you have low-income income, you are at great risk for the lender and have to reckon with high credit costs.

However, hardly anyone knows that the institutions also assess the borrower according to certain criteria. This includes, among other things, the neighborhood and the fact how often one had a loan. This so-called scoring value is also common among insurance companies. So it is assumed on the basis of the residential area that someone who lives in an expensive area also has a good income .

Attention, if you are looking for a loan and are catching up on different offers, you should make sure that you do not make a query every time. Doing a query can impact the scoring value and the credit can be so much more expensive .


A credit of 15,000 euros can be obtained from the Institute Easy Credti already with a term of more than 80 months. This one must be able to handle rates of 243 euros a month. In addition there are additional costs.

Close to cash register? Which possibilities of money lending are there?

The first way to get money would be going to a bank. If you are not negative in the , it should not be a problem to get a loan.

However, one must be concerned that interest rates will be incurred again. This means that you do not only pay back the amount borrowed, but extra money to borrow the money.

For this purpose, an appointment should be arranged in the bank to negotiate the terms of the loan in a customer consultant meeting.

Check several providers

To find out which bank is the best offer for you, it is advisable to talk to different providers. Often it is also helpful to count on acquaintances or friends who have ever taken a loan from a bank and thus can speak from experience. It can happen again and again that it prevents an important other purchase, that the monthly loan installment can be paid. For this, the option for one-off pausing will certainly be available at one or the other bank.

The level of the rate also plays a role, because often you want to repay the money you borrow quickly to get rid of the debt. But you should not misjudge yourself. Prefer to take a slightly lower rate and pay longer than too much and get in distress.

Borrow money online

If you want to save yourself the way to the bank, there is also a possibility to borrow money online. Just use the Google search and read through the numerous offers. But just because it is easier and faster, it is very important to pay attention to what you conclude. It is advisable to inform yourself in advance about current interest rates, so that you do not end up paying more interest than how you have borrowed money. One should, of course, as well read everything else exactly, even the fine print, because often hide there any clauses and one is under these circumstances then not able to take out a loan there.

There are now enough comparison portals that also give people who are in the chance of a loan. But just these people have to read the terms very carefully, because often hide here more repayment costs than the usual loans. Especially because the provider would like to have the security to get his money back. So it can happen that you again get into a hopeless debt trap. It does not help anyone if you are later unable to pay the monthly installment.

The short-term loan

But if you want to borrow only a small amount and possibly because of this investment then only money can be taken, who can take a quick short-term loan. The advantage here is that you have the money within 24 hours on the account and can quickly make the planned purchase. This is of course practical for people who want to do something with their own and who only need a few pieces of furniture, for example for a beauty or nail salon.

Due to the exporting work and the cash flow of the customers, it is then possible to fulfill the conditions of the credit provider, because here is the disadvantage that the borrowed money has to be repaid in a few months and with higher interest rates than usual.

It then requires a precise private or business calculation. Is it even possible to repay this money in such a short time? This type of money lending offers banks but also online portals, but it is always a risk, because the money you do not have today, then tomorrow must be available. Do you have the money tomorrow? If not, it might be better to look for another way to get some money quickly.

Borrow money from private

In order to avoid high interest rates, there is also the possibility to borrow the money from a private person. There are online portals where borrowers create their project. The advantage for both is the financial side. The lender may have a lot of money, so he is able to lend it to someone, but on the safe side and offers his money on this portal. In addition, he receives a return, which of course is paid by the borrower.

Perhaps this return is kept lower than bank rates. You should probably compare this. But even a person from the family comes to borrow money in question. Even if there is confidence in the repayment, you should make a contract where black is in, how much money has been borrowed, and what the monthly installment is. Even if the amount is so small, it is always safer to have something in your hand when payment difficulties arise.

In addition, there is the possibility to visit a lawyer or an office with a contract and then possibly get his money back. In general, however, it is not advisable to borrow money within the family. Just to avoid trouble and disputes.

The advance from the employer

If you have a good and understanding employer, you could also consider the possibility and ask for a salary advance. Then you should also plan ahead, because if you get the salary of the next month in this month and then spend it, then you are later without money there. So this option would only be acceptable if the spouse also expects salary to make ends meet.

How about asking the employer for a loan? If it is a big company that makes a lot of profits quickly, it should not be a problem for him to lend his staff something and charge a small fee in the form of a low interest rate. This is an advantage for the employee and the employer because the boss can simply deduct the salary from the salary, so the employee will not be able to pay his monthly salary at all.

Even the employer profited from it, because he eventually gets more money back than he borrowed. Once the loan has been settled, a great relationship of trust is created between the boss and the employee, and he would certainly always be ready to help his employee once in a while.


If you need a loan or cash quickly, you will be well advised with a lightning loan. The application is made directly online and a payment can be made within a few hours. Another way to get cash is a loan from a private person. Even in such cases, however, a bank must be involved.

Whichever loan is best, everyone has to decide for themselves. However, it is clear that it is possible to quickly get cash.