Loan a small amount

A mini loan or mini credit is available for employees with a fixed income .

Borrow money without BKR

Recipients of a fixed benefit can also qualify for a mini credit. The lender does not make a BKR check, because the guarantee of a small amount lends from your salary or benefit. It is comparable to an advance on your monthly income.

The amounts of a mini loan range from 50 euros to a maximum of 1000 euros. The repayment term is always short: your income of this month is at most within 30 days on your account. That is why you can redeem the mini loan within 15, 30 or 45 days.

Borrowing a small amount with a mini-eating is easy and fast: you can borrow money online by requesting a mini-credit within 10 minutes. The offers at Geld Salon are from different suppliers of mini-exercises, so you have plenty of choice . There is certainly a small amount that your right solution for your situation this month.


  • 650 Euro Borrowing, 700 Euro Borrowing, or 750 Euro Borrowing
  • 350 Euro, 450 Euro, 550 Euro Borrow, Now on Your Account
  • Borrow Money, Without BKR
  • Quickly request a Minilening
  • Note the Conditions for a Small Amount of Borrowing

650 Euro Borrowing, 700 Euro Borrowing, or 750 Euro Borrowing

What do we mean at Geld Salon with “borrowing a small amount”? Borrowing 650 euros, borrowing 700 euros, or borrowing 750 euros is not something you just do: it is meant for an urgent situation, such as an unexpected bill that needs to be paid quickly.

Those who use a flash credit for consumption expenses, such as buying a new phone or eating out, should remember that the next month will be a little tighter. The repayment of the mini credit cuts into your budget of the following month . It makes little sense to go out in June and eat in a good restaurant, if you have to eat rice and beans in July to get by.

Borrowing a small amount of a few hundred euros is a good solution for your unexpected problem this month . There is a great demand for mini-credits because it looks like the bank is red, but it can be arranged much faster. At Geld Salon we explain how you can borrow a small amount.

First think of what amount you need to make ends this month. You want to borrow this amount for a particular expense. Are there any more costs you can expect before the end of the month? Also include this in your calculation. So you can take out a mini credit for the right amount and you can be sure that you can get by this month.

It does not take long to request a mini-loan . You can arrange it via the internet without any paper or hassle. You can send the online application form with some information about your income. If your application is accepted by the lender, you can expect the loan amount quickly on your account.

Take a few photos with your smartphone from the documents you need to feather an application . Your application should probably contain the following documents:

  • a valid proof of identity
  • a recent bank statement
  • a payslip

Send these photos with the online application form and you will receive a quick response from the lender. Those who have a fixed income can count on the minicredit to be arranged quickly . Then you have financial space for the rest of the month.

350 Euro, 450 Euro, 550 Euro Borrow, Now on Your Account

You can borrow a few hundred euros: it will be on your account within a few days. If you pay an extra premium, you can get it into your account more quickly, the same day . A mini loan is meant for bridging you this month. 350 euros, 450 euros, or 550 euros borrowing is a handy solution for those who are equally short of cash.

At Geld Salon we offer opportunities to quickly borrow a small amount. Pay attention to the conditions of your mini loan: there are extra costs to pay late or if you want to receive the money earlier in your account.

Also note the interest rate. Ultimately, the interest costs of a small amount do not lend so high. The term of a mini loan is so short that the interest amount is only a few euros . Compare the interest costs with the same red at the bank. As soon as your salary is credited, you are out of the red at the bank. The interest is being written off and you see that it was only a few euros.

Request a mini loan and you can borrow 350 euros, 450 euros or 550, now on your account. Borrowing a small amount with a mini credit gives you that extra financial space to get through the month. This article tells you more about the amounts that you can borrow. It is important that you know the conditions and that you pay attention when you have to redeem the borrowed amount. The lender will ask you for a few details so that they know who you are and that you can pay back the mini loan quickly . After the amount has been transferred, you can spend it again and thus complete the rest of the month without any problems.

Why do we write this article about amounts that have not been rounded off to the hundred euros? This is because a lot of money has already been written on and on other websites about a small amount that has been rounded off to a hundred euros. Those are popular amounts, but it is difficult to say why: an account that comes in unexpectedly is not usually a round sum. Why do most borrowers search for a round amount? Or the price of a new phone or new jacket in no round amount. Do you need exactly 350 euros for your purchase? Then you do not have to borrow more than that. Do not borrow more than you need. Why would you pay more interest than necessary to make your financial space sufficient ?

Borrow Money, Without BKR

You can apply for a mini loan if you have a stable income, such as a fixed salary or a permanent benefit . The amount of that income must match the amount you want to borrow. It should be clear to the lender that you can easily repay the loan amount. They are automatically protected against borrowing too high an amount.

The advantage of borrowing a small amount with a mini loan of up to 800 euros is that the lender does not perform a BKR test. It takes them time and money to check your credit status. It is only a small amount and they only have to know that your salary is high enough to repay the borrowed amount within a month. Do not worry about your credit code at the BKR: you can borrow a small amount from an online lender without any obstacles . Borrowing money without BKR check is arranged through .

Quickly request a Minilening

The form for requesting a mini loan online is entered in this way, within 5 minutes it has sent the data. The lender will quickly check if you are eligible for quick money loans and then transfer the amount to your account. How long it takes exactly depends on the mini-loan you have chosen.

You can arrange a mini loan without much paperwork. The conditions become clear via the internet and you can agree on a distance. She does not have to go to the lender’s office.

Sometimes the employee of a lender asks for some extra information. You can quickly handle this by e-mail or telephone.

And what if you need a miniature loan again in the future? The advantage is that the lender already knows who you are . The last time the mini-loan has been redeemed in time is welcome to take out a new mini-loan. Usually you also get access to higher amounts . That is a consequence of the growing trust between you and the lender. A company takes good care of its loyal customers: they bring in the most turnover over the years. The customer sees that advantage in a smooth process. A mini-loan goes even faster from the second time.

Note the Conditions for a Small Amount of Borrowing

A mini loan is the right solution to create some extra financial space this month . A mini credit of a few hundred euros gives you the opportunity to pay your bill on time. You can continue to do your daily shopping and look for an additional source of income for the next month. That is the best solution if you have less money to spend: sell what you do not need anymore or a second job for the weekend, so that you can earn some extra money .

Until you have arranged an extra income, you can easily bridge the next period with a quick mini loan via . Request a quote quickly for a mini credit and arrange the financial space for the rest of the month.

Take out a Loan

To loan money sounds to many as something you want to avoid at all costs – but that should be far from the case.

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In fact, it can take a loan if you do it right to open up many opportunities that you might never dare to dream of before. And that is true though, it is on a professional or a personal level!

It all may seem a bit unmanageable right when you get started. We therefore help you point out some things that you must be aware of when you begin the search for financing for your next business or perhaps your own personal project.

The reason why you have to be alert is that today there is a completely uneasy selection of institutions, people and others that offer loans. Investigating the market for Denmark in loan offerings is therefore the very first step, but probably also the most important. Because even though availability is great, it is far from any type of loan or loan institution that fits your specific needs. They each offer different types of loans, interest, and solutions. They can also vary greatly in terms of how expensive the loan can be. The kit should therefore also be looked at in the seams. Make a quick scan of the various providers, then select a few and make sure you have considered all the different factors before moving on.

Some of the major types of loans that exist can be termed personal loans (also known as consumer loans), mortgages, mortgages, car loans, or corporate loans. Each of these loan types is organized in such a way that they fit your wishes. So, if you are aware of what you want to borrow, then it is much easier to know which type of loan you are looking for. Once you find out what kind of loan you need. Then there are some specific facets of the lender that you need to keep a close eye on. The first thing is the extra cost! Sometimes the first price you encounter on a provider’s website is devoid of any additional costs and fees. So they are hidden at first, and you should therefore check if you understand the price correctly.

So there are a large number of fees that you must pay attention to, not just the price. Sometimes there is a fee to apply for the loan in the first place. There may also be a fee at the end of the loan, often called termination charges. As a basic rule, however, one can say that the most well-known and most reputable loan companies generally do not have any fees in connection with the application of the loan. You must also remember that you do not have to pay anything before you ensure that your application has at least been accepted! We also recommend keeping a close eye on new types of loans on the market. You may even have an idea of ​​what you need, but you can quickly go and be pleasantly surprised by what else is found on loan types out there. If this is the first time that you have borrowed money this way, it may also be smart to find a lender that simplifies the loan for you. The idea behind it is that you have less chance of misunderstanding the contract or the things written in small print.

If you go and have dreams of starting your own business, then a loan can also quickly make all the difference. It may be what helps make your dream come true. The loan can help give a future business or growing success story the resources needed to achieve that. You can, as a company in Denmark, loan offers that have more benefits than normal and sometimes a lower interest rate. There are few companies that have reached this point where they are today if they had not believed in their vision and taken a business loan to get there. Your company might be able to use a business loan to invest in the right office where your ideas can be germinated, or in the technology that is absolutely necessary for your business to evolve.

Some fear a little to have to take a business loan, as most often as a beginner in the field do not have any assets that one can secure their loan with. It may mean that you have to take security in your home, one’s personal savings or something that is dear to one. It may well be a really tough decision, and you must therefore also look at the possibility of getting loans or loan offers that do not have to be secured in this way. It can be a very hard and long process, where you have to have an incredible amount of information and information in place. This information can often be difficult to obtain and further complicate the process. For this you also need to add other documentation such as tax . It is important that nothing is forgotten here.

Loans in which you do not have to settle for a large amount of security apply, for example, to personal loans, but also to small business loans and start-up loans. It is typical of these loans that they are approved on the basis of credit and that you do not have to place any property or car for safety. A start-up loan for your business is taken in order to kick start your business. Many businesses, contractors or people with a good plan have been totally dependent on having access to capital in the first place. The start of their success.

In the case of personal loans, as with smaller start-up loans, you should also not with any or at least not just as much security. But you have to think it out carefully, as talking about personal finances can be a very sensitive issue. Compared to other types of loans, personal loans have quite unwavering terms and conditions for repayment, but on the other hand you often benefit from a good interest rate.

How much can I loan?

If you need a higher amount of money, for example for a car or mortgage, you ask yourself: How much can I borrow as much as possible?

quickly borrow money without BKR check

The maximum amount that you can borrow depends on your financial situation. For a small amount you are always qualified : it looks like borrowing money from a relative or friend, they know that you can repay a small amount quickly. That is why they will usually have no objection to lending you a small amount.

For a higher amount you will usually have to turn to a commercial lender such as a bank or a private lender. They will answer your question: “how much can I borrow” on the basis of your fixed income, such as a salary or fixed benefit.

Commercial lenders usually also look at your repayment behavior, as registered with the Credit Registration Bureau (BKR). Money providers who do not look at your BKR quotation will only lend you a lower amount. That is called a flash credit or a mini loan . The amount is a maximum of a few hundred euros. That includes tough conditions, such as a short repayment term of, for example, three months, and high fines for late repayment.

How much can I borrow to a larger expense, like a new car? You can answer this question by requesting a quote from a credit provider. They look at your fixed income to determine which monthly expenses you can bear. The amount that you can spend on the loan per month is important for the maximum amount that you can borrow .

For a larger loan, lenders will probably view your BKR status. They want to know if you can make your payments for a longer period of time. A negative BKR status makes you less creditworthy So you can not borrow a lot of money without checking .

The amount you want to borrow depends on what you need: a mortgage for a house is a different amount than a car loan or a loan for repairing your roof. The upper limit of your loan also depends on your financial situation: those who have a high and stable income can borrow more money, and at a lower interest rate.

The terms of a loan depend on the risk for the lender . Anyone requesting a loan offer from a lender must provide background information about his or her income and assets. Based on this information, they can determine the terms of your loan.

You can already understand how a lender works to estimate the risks of a loan. So you can know how much money you can borrow, without having to request a quote.

The most important factor for how much you can borrow is the level of your fixed income . It then depends on the terms of the loan, such as the interest rate, the amount of the payments and the term.

You can also consider asking family or friends for a loan . But that can often be a risk for the relationship: if you have trouble repaying, it can lead to a fight. It can also be embarrassing to admit that you need money temporarily, but that the bank can not lend you money.

These obstacles to quick money borrowing are a gap in the market for private lenders.


  • Borrow the Benefits of Money from a Private Individual
  • Borrow money from the UWV with a Starter Credit
  • A Private Loan
  • Cheap Money Lending
  • How Much Can I Borrow Maximum for a House?
  • A Starter Loan for Your Own Company

Borrow the Benefits of Money from a Private Individual

 In addition to the usual organizations, such as banks and lenders, you can also borrow money from a private lender . This is a trend in the market for loans: more and more people are having trouble borrowing the usual lenders. It often seems as if a bank only wants to lend you money if you do not need it.

With other lenders it is easier to borrow money quickly. But they have strict conditions for repaying the loan. Debtors with low purchasing power and an insecure income can therefore get into financial problems.

Borrowing from a private individual is suitable for situations where you can not go to the usual lenders. Banks and lenders have conditions for a loan; not everyone can meet that. Relationships with family and friends remain healthier if you do not borrow money from them. You want a strictly business relationship with your lender but room for maneuver in the terms of your loan.

The large number of private lenders guarantees that you can stipulate the conditions that best suit your financial situation. You can choose from different types of lending, maturities and amounts .

Some of the private lenders also lend money to people with negative BKR quotation.

Another advantage of borrowing money from a private individual is that the money can quickly be in your account . For small amounts, the requests are handled quickly and you can spend the borrowed amount within a day.

Borrow money from the UWV with a Starter Credit

The UWV is best known as the body that provides benefits to people without work or incapacity for work. But the UWV also provides loans. You can borrow with a benefit if your application meets special conditions. You can not borrow from the UWV for consumption expenses such as broken furniture or the repair of a car. The objective of the UWV is to help you get back to work. They will only consider giving you a loan to achieve this goal .

Do you have ambition to start for yourself? The UWV has a starters’ credit for starting self-employed people. Those who do not qualify for a loan from a bank or lender can fall back on the UWV. The starters credit can be used for the start-up costs of your own company, such as the delivery van of your new DIY company or the office of your software startup or internet company . Make sure you can prove that you will use the money for these expenses . This can be done, for example, by describing the start-up costs in your business plan. The UWV expects you to make it plausible that your new company fits with your background and skills.

The starters’ credit of the UWV is meant for people who, due to illness or disability, can not quickly find a regular job. But you have to be able to work independently. Then you will probably be eligible for a starters’ credit with the UWV.

A Private Loan

The pros and cons of a private loan …

An amount that you borrow from a relative or close friend . This is a type of loan called a ‘private loan’. It often happens that children borrow money from their parents or aunts and uncles. It is quickly arranged because the bond of trust usually makes paperwork superfluous. Also, family or friends usually do not charge interest and there is usually no deadline for the loan to be repaid. Therefore, a tantalate loan is often the only option for borrowing with a benefit .

The disadvantage is that the loan sometimes causes problems in the relationship. The agreements are usually flexible, but what if ” unexpectedly needs the money and wants the loan back? Then there is a risk that you will get into an argument about money. Put the agreements on paper in a simple contract. Limit smaller amounts to borrowing that you can pay back in the foreseeable future .

Cheap Money Lending

The bank is now extra careful with loans. They take less risk and therefore they ask for a lot of extra information when you apply for a loan.

For smaller amounts you can ask if you can be more red. Red standing can be compared to a short-term loan : you do not need permission, but the interest rate is higher. That is why it is especially suitable for people who do not have savings but still have to deal with an unexpected expense.

For a personal loan or a mortgage, the advantage of borrowing from a bank is that your finances are arranged in one place.

If you want to take out a loan, it is advisable to compare the conditions of various lenders. Look at the interest rates and the term that suits your situation. So you can easily compare different loans with each other, and choose the most advantageous conditions.

The bidders’ offers are free of obligation: you have nothing to lose and everything to be gained by comparing the loan conditions . They know that they have many competitors: that is why some providers will offer you better conditions. If you place several quotations side by side, you automatically see where you are best. That way you can be sure that you have taken out a loan on favorable terms.

Pay attention to the additional costs. In addition to interest and repayments, you often have to pay closing costs.


What are the conditions for missing a repayment? Do you have to pay a fine and how much is that? It may happen that you have a setback and can not make a monthly repayment. And are there any costs involved in accelerating the repayment of the loan? If you have a windfall, then that is a great opportunity to save money on your interest by fully repaying the loan. This will make your loan cheaper. But that is only possible if you have made agreements about this with the lender.

Borrowing money costs money . That means that your repayments and interest together are a higher amount than what you borrow. With long-term loans, your costs can even be higher than the loan amount. A 30-year mortgage will cost you a high amount of interest because it takes so long before you have paid it off. You can therefore keep the term as short as possible for borrowing cheap money .

You want to limit the costs of borrowing as much as possible. The simplest way of “cheap borrowing” is of course not to borrow money. That is why it is less wise to borrow money for consumption expenses, such as a car or new kitchen. Those who are financially conservative, first put money aside on a separate savings account to cover the consumption expenses. Loans are meant for that situation where saving is not an option . This applies, for example, to a mortgage. Sometimes it is also wise to borrow for starting a business.

Anyone who unexpectedly finds himself in a situation where you are forced to borrow money can best limit the amount. Can you get money in cash in another way? For example, by selling stuff, or adjusting your monthly expenses? A simple lifestyle or an extra part-time job can also give you extra money quickly . You can combine these measures with a personal loan to keep your financial situation stable .

How Much Can I Borrow Maximum for a House?

Those who have a stable life can save money on housing costs by buying a house instead of renting . Do you expect to live and work in the same city in the coming years? Then you can live up to the dream of owning a house. The cost of maintaining a house and the mortgage will be lower the rent.

The amount of money that you can borrow for a house usually depends on your income. The bank or other lender looks at the level of your fixed salary. This way they can determine what amount you can pay monthly. The maximum amount that you can spend on your mortgage per month then determines the maximum amount of that mortgage.

The maximum amount of the mortgage is not the same as what you can spend on a new house. This is due to the extra costs of buying a house (the purchase price), such as notary fees and transfer tax. To get a good idea of ​​the total cost of buying a house, it is best to make an appointment with a mortgage advisor .

A Starter Loan for Your Own Company

Those who want to start their own business will have to invest first. It takes time, and often also money, to set up your own business: you have costs for renting an office or retail property, capital goods such as machines or cars. Whoever starts a business in trade must invest in an inventory. You can only sell goods that you have purchased first yourself. In order to keep the profit margin good, you often have to buy a large batch at the same time. An order of ten thousand pieces from China can give you a hefty bill. You will sell those items at a profit in the Netherlands . But before the money comes in you will first have to pay your supplier.

Mini Loans: between 200 Euro and 600 Euro

Sometimes you have a month left at the end of your money. Then you want to quickly borrow 200 euros without BKR and have that directly on your account.


This is a good way to ensure that you can pay the bills properly until the end of the month. Who wants to pay his or her bill quickly must receive the money quickly in the account. For an amount such as borrowing 200 euros as a mini credit , it is slightly more expensive.

A mini loan of a few hundred euros is cheaper when you can wait for your money . Who wants to borrow immediately has to pay extra. If you can wait a few days until the money is in your account, you can save a lot on costs.

Pay attention with a mini loan

Of course, you do not have to take out a mini-loan for fun. You only do that in a situation where you really can not do otherwise, because you have to pay an invoice as quickly. Because you have to pay attention and read the fine print .

A mini-loan is also called a loan credit or an advance payment . This means that you borrow an amount for a short period and that amount is usually between 50 euros and 100 euros. These amounts are not so high, so you can usually repay that amount quickly. As soon as your salary is paid into your account, you can pay off a loan credit of 200 euros . This is important because you can only borrow that money for a short time. So you can see it as an advance on your salary.

When you take out a mini-loan you have to be careful that you do that with the right lender. Some companies that offer mini-credits charge too much interest and high additional costs. Therefore, pay attention to which offer you accept. The costs can vary widely. Do you need a small amount quickly without BKR then you have multiple choices so you can still reduce the costs .

200 Euro Borrowing without BKR Directly on your Account

The first time you borrow money with a mini credit you probably can not borrow the full amount. For example, you can borrow up to 200 euros. Later, if you have repaid this amount, you will then be eligible for higher amounts. Then you can borrow for example 600 euros. With some lenders you can even borrow around 100o euro . But then you have to make sure that at the first time you borrow 200 euros, you pay back the amount really well in time.

When you apply for a mini loan, you can often choose from multiple options. Do you want to receive an amount quickly on your account? Then you will have to pay extra. But if you have some patience and you can wait a few days, you can limit the costs. It is extra cost to get the amount quickly on your account .

Other Providers for 200 Euro Borrow

You have a wide choice of mini exercises. At various companies you can take out a flash credit via the internet. You are sometimes required to take out insurance. That depends on how stable your income is. Anyone who has a fixed salary or a fixed benefit usually does not have to take out insurance . But if you have temporary work or you are unemployed yourself, you can only take out a mini-loan if you also take out insurance. This way the lender can be sure that they will get the loan amount back. If you can not repay the amount yourself, your insurer can at least refund the amount.

Note that this insurance is quite expensive. It costs about 100 euros and that makes your mini-loan extra expensive. You can add that to the interest and you will see the total costs for your mini loan. Then it is often less favorable to take out insurance. You can see that a mini-loan is primarily intended for employees who already have a stable salary . The lender can check that because he or she wants to see your pay slip. If you have a permanent job with a good salary, then a small mini-loan is not a problem . But those who have little money to spend can not conclude a mini-loan. In such a case, you better stand red at the bank.


Another way to get money is to earn extra money for example. Then you have to be more patient before you can spend the money. But the advantage of earning your money or selling your own stuff is that you do not put yourself in debt . You do not have the costs of an insurance policy or of the fines that can come with a mini loan.

Data Send for 600 Euro Borrow

If you want a mini loan of 600 euros without BKR, then you have to show the papers. Sometimes you want to borrow money without paperwork , but for a first mini loan you still have to send some data via e-mail. Then the lender knows your situation. Then you can quickly borrow money via SMS, and you get a mini loan without BKR and paperwork . That goes very quickly and therefore you quickly hear whether your mini-loan is accepted.

The first time you make an application, scan the papers in your computer or take a photo with your phone. You then send it by mail. Then they can call you back on the mobile phone if you want to ask some questions. You will also receive the messages about the progress of your application via text message. Then you can immediately see when a loan of 600 euros or 200 euros is accepted . You also hear via SMS when the money is credited to your bank account.

They ask for the following documents: you must send a copy of your identity card or passport, have a proof of income. This means: a wage slip from a permanent job or from your temporary employment agency, or from a fixed benefit. They also ask for a bank statement so that they know that your bank account is indeed yours.

The Benefits of a Mini Credit

If you take out a mini-loan, you do not have a BKR test. This is an advantage for people who have not paid their debts on time in the past. Have you ever missed a payment? The BKR in registered these backlogs. That is why you often can not take out a new loan. But they do not look at BKR at all for miniature loans or a mini-credit. That is why more people are eligible for a flash credit. This way you can quickly get money into your account without having to wait long . You just need to send some documents to your lender and then you will receive the money into your bank account.

Do you already have a good relationship with the lender, because you have repaid the advance on time? Then you can also submit requests via SMS. This way you can borrow money even faster and receive a few hundred euros quickly on your account. Borrowing money without BKR is a handy way to get the end of the month. You can pay your bills so quickly without the costs of a reminder. For example, if you have an unexpected invitation for a birthday, or you want to do a short weekend trip, you can do that before your salary comes in. These are the advantages of a mini loan: it gives the extra financial space until the end of the month, when you receive the salary or benefit on your account . Be careful not to forget to pay the amount back quickly. Because the repayment term for a mini loan that is usually 15, 30 or 45 days. If you pay back too late, you will get a high fine. That is why it is important that you pay off the mini loan on time.

About the Credit Registration Bureau (BKR)

At the BKR they keep to whom money lends, how much, and from which lender. They also keep track of whether you are red with the bank and whether you have a mortgage. When you buy on installment and you have a credit at a store, it is also registered with BKR, just like your credit card .

It is normal that you have registration with BKR. There are 9 million Dutch people who have such a registration with the BKR. It handy for the lenders. To be able to see how much money you owe to other organizations. This determines whether you are able to repay a new loan. They want to limit the risk. If you already have several loans open, it is better not to borrow more money . The BKR protects both the lender and the borrower.

The BKR also keeps track of if you do not pay back your loan on time. For example, if you have a mortgage, and you are left behind with your payments, or you are late with paying off a car loan or a boat, then lenders can see that. Then you can not borrow a new amount again. A negative registration at BKR will continue for 5 years . It is difficult to take out a new loan during those 5 years. That is why it is always good to always pay off your bills on time. Fortunately, if it has gone wrong with paying back, you can still take out a mini loan without BKR.

Quick loan

The best way to borrow fast money is an online mini loan with low interest rates.

money without paperwork

You can receive money in your account within 10 minutes. For larger loans, it may take a few days before your application is accepted. But for quick borrowing you can quickly email some documents.

The lender then handles your application urgently. For a personal loan with a longer term, the lender does a BKR check . That is why it takes a few days longer to arrange.

Arrange your Money Loan Online

On the internet you have enough lenders who offer a mini loan. It can be arranged quickly, without the hassle of paperwork. You can request a mini loan via the website of the provider. You no longer have to come to the office or even have contact with the person who assesses your application . You can now arrange these types of credit online:

  • personal loan
  • revolving credit
  • minilening without BKR test
  • mortgage

First think of what amount you need to arrange some extra financial space this month . For a small amount of borrowing a few hundred euros, it is best to take out a mini-loan. You then quickly cancel it when your salary is transferred. If you need more, you can apply for a revolving credit and pay off every month. The advantage of a revolving credit is the greater flexibility for borrowing and repaying. Do you know exactly where you are going to spend the amount? If the expenditure is more than a thousand euros, you can take out a personal loan. That works well for financing a car or boat. You can also use it for buying a computer. The best models soon cost more than 2000 euros.

Who wants to buy a house can apply for a mortgage . Then you can best start the search for the best mortgage on the internet. This way you can compare the conditions and easily request quotations.

Continuous Credit Quotation

In the past, it was customary to take out a standing credit with your bank . They already know you there and you have also arranged your other financial products. But the advantage of arranging a revolving credit online is that you can get a lower interest rate. This way you can save a lot of money on your loan by arranging it with an online lender. View the offers from the lenders via Money Salon and you will see the difference in interest yourself.

If you want to borrow more than 2000 euros, with flexible conditions, it is best to apply for a revolving credit . You can pay it back in parts, at the time that suits you. The lender will look at your credit status at the BKR in Tiel. They give you a revolving credit with the condition that you do not have a negative credit code with your name.

Mini Loan Application

A mini loan is a small amount that you borrow for a short time . The duration is 15, 30, or 45 days: the amount must be repaid in full. The advantage is that you also pay a little money in interest.

A mini loan is provided as an advance on your salary. The lender takes a pay slip as sufficient guarantee that you can redeem the mini loan. That is why you can also take out a mini loan if you have a negative registration with the BKR.

The interest rate of a mini-loan is approximately 15% on an annual basis. If you borrow a few hundred euros, for a month, then the costs for interest only come to a few euros. That is why a mini-loan is attractive for a temporary financial space: you quickly solve it again.

Some lenders require you to take out insurance for the loan. That turns out in case you pay too late . That is an extra guarantee for them, but it makes the loan a lot more expensive for you. Who wants to have the money quickly in his or her account, must take this insurance. Other providers will leave the choice to you. Who can wait for the money, do not have to use these options. This way you can close a cheap mini-loan with minimal costs. The only costs are the interest.

Personal loan

An offer of a personal loan is easier to compare between the providers. The interest is fixed, so you choose the desired term and then you automatically see the interest rate that comes with it. This way you can choose the best personal loan and apply for and take out via the internet.

A personal loan starts with an amount of a few thousand euros. This form of borrowing is suitable for a large expense. Purchases that are often financed with a personal loan are a new car, a boat, a refurbishment or a new computer . You can then repay such purchases within a few years. You can take out a personal loan if you do not have a negative listing at the BKR.


Applying for a mortgage is now done quickly via the Internet. You can find a couple of lenders that offer a mortgage through Money Salon . Compare the interest rates and the conditions, such as fixed or variable interest rates. You can also call in an advisor to see which offers he or she can find for you.

For every form of loan it is wise to take the time to study the conditions. Anyone who delves into the rules beforehand can choose the right financial product with more confidence. This way you can enter into an agreement with a provider with confidence in the future and you will not face unpleasant surprises later on.

Fast Money Borrowing Without Paperwork

The truck for fast money without paperwork is filling out an online form . On the internet, lenders present offers for a mini loan, borrowing the fastest form of money. They have their own website with a digital form with about 20 questions. You can fill it in and you will quickly hear whether your request for a mini loan has been accepted. So you can quickly borrow money without paperwork, but you still have to mail a few copies of documents. That way they know your income and your identity, and you can quickly borrow money on the basis of your salary. The lender knows that you will receive your salary at the end of the month. That gives them the confidence that you can redeem the mini loan this month. Making a photo of these papers is a small effort for quick money borrowing .

Filling in an online form for a mini loan is much faster than the personal request that was needed before. You then had to go to the bank’s office for an appointment with an employee. That of the only way of borrowing money. Those times are over: an online application is done in this way, you do not even have to contact a member of staff by telephone . You let them know when you want to pay off the loan, within 15, 30, or 45 days, what amount you want to borrow, and how quickly you want to receive it in your bank account. Then you will of course hear via SMS or email how it is with the progress of your application.

Which Photos of Documents Do You Need a Lender?

Most requests are handled as you send a copy of these documents:

  • your passport or identity card
  • a payslip of the past month
  • bank statements from the past few weeks

The employee of the lender must be able to see on the bank statement what your housing costs are. The mortgage or rent and the amount of your salary determines how much money you have available to redeem the mini loan. That is why they really need this information from you.

Fast borrowing without paperwork is possible by filling in an online form . So you can get the money in your account within a few days. How long it takes exactly depends on the kind of minilening. If you indicate that it concerns an emergency loan, you can pay extra for the money to be deposited into your account within 10 minutes or the same day. But if you have a few days of patience, you do not have to make those costs.

You do not have to wait long for a personal loan or revolving credit either . This is because the lenders compare your data and quickly check the BKR. These lending forms can therefore also be closed within a few days. Applying for a mortgage can take a little longer, because more paperwork is involved. But this is about buying or renovating a house: that is not a quick decision. You can wait a few weeks for that.

Borrow Money Without BKR Registration

For a mortgage, personal loan and a revolving credit, the lender at the BKR will check whether you have had a payment arrears in the past five years. Have you ever missed a payment of an installment? Then you have a negative BKR code with your name. Then a lender will not lend you a higher amount. The risk that you can not redeem the money is too great for them. The only possibility of borrowing money that you still have is a mini loan. The lender then looks at your identity and your salary. That is sufficient guarantee that you can redeem the loan. A mini credit is the way to borrow money without a BKR test.


Loan for business founders – lend money as a founder

Large selection of loans for founders.

The portfolio of loans and forms of finance for entrepreneurs is still complex. There are state support programs, classic bank loans, a combination of both options or the possibility to secure debt capital from private sources.

The classic in business start-up financing is still a pure bank loan to finance the project. In addition to an offer from the house bank, it is also advisable to seek other offers in order to make a comparison of interest and repayment of the offers and to opt for the best offer. Direct banks often offer very cheap loans.

Since there is no need for a comprehensive and costly branch network, these banks can pass on the resulting cost savings through loan offers with favorable conditions to their customers.

Funded loans

The combination: Founder-friendly conditions from as well as comprehensive advice from a bank can also be a very good process for founders. Banks in particular take on an advisory role with start-ups.

As a rule, however, founders receive the most favorable terms from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, or for short. Founder and micro loans can usually be claimed by . Microcredits can amount up to € 20.000,00 . The StartGeld Kredit für Gründer can be paid up to an amount of € 100,000.00. Gründerkredit Universal can even take on up to € 10,000,000.00.

Based on this, start-up founders also have the option of additionally securing collateral for surety bonds from the Guarantee Bank if the potential for collateral for lending is insufficient.

Crowdfunding and personal loans

Another topic that has become more and more established on the German business start-up market in recent years is private cash credit . There are now so-called credit marketplaces on the Internet. This financing variant has its origins in the USA. Crowdfunding has been active in the German credit market since about 2010.

Here, a detailed appealing presentation of the start-up project is of fundamental importance. Private investors will usually only invest in a startup if they are convinced of the business idea and recognize added value in the investment.

Supplier credits, leasing, contact with various venture capital firms or business angels focused on start-ups represent further forms of financing or financing options. However, these instruments are industry-specific . Not every area offers these forms.

Keep track

As a result, the market for lending offers to start-ups is broadly diversified. Customers, who are in the life phase of the business start-up and are looking for an optimal financing option with favorable interest rates or also suitable repayment variants, should be given comprehensive advice and weigh exactly for which option they choose.

Anyone who wants to set up and start their own business, especially at the beginning of an increased liquidity needs, which must be met. Depending on the type and scope of the planned project, high amounts of capital may be required in some cases. Lenders are primarily banks such as home and development banks. But also microfinance institutions or online platforms and online banks lend to start-up companies.

The cash injection can take the form of a usual loan or loan. So-called promotional banks also release certain subsidies under certain conditions in order to support the founding of the company. These monetary funds are financed by the public budget.

Grants vs loans

In addition, a start-up entrepreneur can obtain subsidies or gain more financial leeway with the help of a guarantee. It is important for all forms of debt financing to have the order of magnitude in view and to calculate a corresponding repayment plan. The entrepreneur has the choice whether to choose a classic repayment or to arrange an annuity loan.

In contrast to the repayment loan, the monthly annuity loan is fixed from the beginning to a monthly fixed installment. For the entrepreneur this means better planning security and transparency of the monthly liabilities.

The regular load should be chosen and assessed in such a way that it can be managed with minimal profit expectations and is in a realistic relation to the sales volume.

Preparation for the start-up loan

In order to benefit from debt capital at all, structured and detailed preparatory work and planning must be carried out. Above all, banks weigh their risks particularly well and assess the probability of default and the probability of success of the company. A detailed and professionally prepared business plan is therefore highly recommended. In addition to the corporate purpose and the company objective, this should include the planning of the costs.

In addition, sales forecasts and profit expectations are particularly important. Of course, this should be based on realistic values ​​that are based on facts and market-based, so that comparability is guaranteed. This makes a professional impression and allows a more precise analysis of the actual capital requirements.

In addition, the introduction of a certain amount of equity capital is essential to get a loan. In any case, the lenders also check the creditworthiness and creditworthiness of the company. Depending on whether it is a sole proprietorship or a corporation, it makes sense to consider in advance who will be employed as a borrower.

A manager with a negative report will not get credit for the company. In this respect, there should be no preloads. The presentation of all necessary documents gives the other person a positive impression. In addition to a safe and positive appearance, these are the basic building blocks for successful lending.

What to do in case of difficult borrowing

If it is already clear in advance that the granting of the loan will be impossible, other solutions should be considered. Depending on the size of the loan or even a negative credit rating of the borrower, the use of collateral can be used. Here it can already be considered in advance in which form this can be designed and which forms of security come into question.

A classic variant would be the guarantee. In this case, a third natural person or legal entity would issue a guarantee to the issuing bank. In case of default, the guarantor would stand up for the debtor and the lender could turn his claim to the guarantor. Of course, this should also have a certain credit rating and creditworthiness to be suitable as a guarantor.

In addition to the guarantee, however, other collateral can also be deposited in order to protect the lender against default in the event of a default. It would be imaginable here to be real assets such as real estate, machines or even securities and goods. These the borrowing entrepreneur assigns to the lender, so that this property is procured and he receives a right of exploitation. After the loan has been repaid, the borrower will regain ownership of the securities by transferring ownership.

Factoring to improve creditworthiness

An attractive and effective way to secure a better ranking among the issuing banks and potential lenders as a young entrepreneur is the use of factoring. In factoring, the company transfers its receivables from services or supplies, which may not yet be due, to a bank or a so-called special institute. This must also have a corresponding credit rating. In addition, so-called “reality” is assumed, ie the actual existence of a claim that can be used as a basis for the process.

The so-called factor assumes the full default risk. The customer balances his bill with the factor. Thus, the company retains its room for maneuver and passes the financial risk on to third parties. It will receive between 80 and 90% of the gross claim amount after 48 hours at the most, thus paying for liquidity. The missing 10 to 20% will be transferred after settlement of claims.

Especially for companies in the start-up phase, this is a particularly rewarding way to increase liquidity. It increases the equity ratio and increases financial flexibility. Likewise, the turnover is raised at best. The company can continue to invest and grow. The form of factoring shows to third parties that the entrepreneur has a professional liquidity management. The start-up can develop and remain competitive.

More options

If these tips are not yet sufficient for obtaining the required liquidity, at least two options remain to obtain the desired debt capital. Anyone who does not get a loan officially approved but still needs a cash injection for his start-up, can of course also consult friends and acquaintances or ask the family for support.

It would also be possible to have a share in the company or in the profits, in order to create an incentive and convince the lenders after all. Another possibility is the concept of franchising. Depending on the project, you can look around the market and see if there may be a franchise concept in this area. In this way of starting a business, the franchisor sets up the structures and sets up a so-called corset, within which the foundation must operate.

In addition to the obligation to comply with external requirements, however, the start-up entrepreneur can also benefit from the knowledge and contacts of the franchisor. Especially when it comes to banking, the franchisor will support the negotiations.

Lending success rates are likely to be higher here, as the business is already performing successfully and the franchisor is representing and representing the company. This creates trust and suggests professionalism and competence. The bank also has comparative values ​​and a successful business plan.