Is it possible to take out loan if you do not have a fixed income?

Although it can no doubt be more difficult to borrow a loan if you do not have a job, it is far from impossible.

Although you are usually asked to document your income when applying for a loan online, there are still a number of options for you if you are not in a permanent job. We have here gathered the most basic tips to help you get started.

The better the credit rating, the greater the chance of the application being approved

When you apply for a loan online or at the bank, you can count on the best offers and lowest interest rates being offered to customers who already have a good credit rating – and most often it means customers who have a permanent job. It is therefore not abnormal that both banks and providers on the net refuse to lend money to people who do not have a fixed income, as there is simply too much chance that the money will not be repaid.

That being said, there are, however, a number of providers who still mean offering smaller loans for those who may not need to borrow more than DKK 15,000. These types of loans are usually more expensive if you do not have a fixed job, But that does not mean that you should not compare loans now before you borrow, as it is important to bear in mind that far from all providers offer the same interest rates.

Take out a loan without a job

Today, fortunately, there are lots of different types of loans, and although you are currently without a job, it is not something that should keep you from applying for a loan. It is really enough that your application is not more likely to be accepted if you go down to the bank. Nowadays, however, it is no longer an absolute requirement to borrow through the bank, as there are more and more loan providers on the Internet who all offer something completely different – everything from consumer loans to quick loans that go into the account after only a few hours .

In the past, it was more or less a requirement that you had a fixed and stable income, but today there are also a number of providers who lend money to young people at SU or cash benefits. Either way, you should expect a credit rating of you and your situation to ensure that you can actually afford to borrow.

If your application is rejected

Although it is relatively easy to take out a loan today and there are often no specific requirements for you, there may still be some factors that may result in your loan being rejected. Read below.

Your credit rating plays a role

As a rule, your credit rating is definitely the first point taken into account when submitting your application. The better the credit rating you have, the greater the probability that your application is approved and that you get a good offer. If, on the other hand, you have previously taken out a loan that you have not paid off if you are registered in RKI or if you have submitted too many applications for a short period, there is a high probability that your application will automatically be rejected.

However, if your application is not approved for the first time, there are still some steps that you can follow to increase the chances of your application being approved. Firstly, be sure to pay all current bills and loans back in time. By remembering to pay all your bills, you show the providers that you are responsible and that you are able to repay the loan. If you repeatedly miss a payment, on the contrary, you can expect that your application will never be approved.

Is it possible to apply for more than one loan?

As a rule, it is at your full right to apply for more loans from several different loan providers or companies. Although it is your entire own decision, there are some consequences of submitting several applications and these can drastically affect your credit rating.

When submitting an application to a provider, this is reflected in your credit report . This means that all other providers have the opportunity to see how many applications you have submitted. Although you may not believe that this should have any impact, it may be considered negative that you have submitted applications to 15 different providers. It is therefore strongly recommended that you instead be very selective when choosing your providers.

There is a lot to keep track of when taking out a loan, and it is therefore easy to get overwhelmed and forget about the big picture. Many are also so desperate to borrow money that they simply submit one application after another with the different providers without really going up, why and where they actually apply. This is strongly discouraged. Although it is a bit more time-consuming, it can be worthwhile paying enough time to investigate, research and not least read the individual loan terms of the individual provider. Once you have found a number of loan companies, it is time to compare them and then evaluate where your application is most likely to be approved.

Although it may be tempting to try again, we always recommend that you wait a while to submit another application if your loan request was not accepted.

Borrow money immediately – get fast loan

It is often very difficult to take out a loan – in some cases even completely.

As soon as the house bank or another bank does not approve the loan, a world collapses at first, of course. How should the bills be settled or the big minus on the account be covered? With an instant loan, all financial worries would be eliminated in one fell swoop. But what to do if the house bank rejects the loan application?


If you need cash quickly, you should take a closer look at the offers of a personal loan. Here a loan is given by a private individual and the credit checks are not so strict on such types of loans. In addition, it is also possible to apply for a so-called lightning loan at a direct bank . Borrowers who need quick cash, so have many different options to choose from.

Quick cash needed – which bank is recommended?

The times in which a loan application or the processing took several weeks are fortunately long gone. Meanwhile, there are loans that are already within 24 hours (after review) to pay. For people who urgently need cash, just the right alternative. When the house bank goes on strike, then mostly direct banks come into play.

These banks offer loans exclusively via the Internet and the advantage is not only in a very rapid processing. Due to the very high demand, there are now many offers and the competition naturally has a very positive effect on the borrower. Where there is supply and demand, prices and interest on a loan usually fall as well.

Although an instant loan (also express or Blitzkredit) compared to a conventional installment loan of the house bank is still a bit more expensive, but if there is no other alternative to choose from, the borrowers have no choice but to accept these offers.

Borrow money – the benefits in detail

An instant loan is as the name already suggests, a type of loan where the money is immediately available. In most cases, only a few hours pass from the processing of the application to the actual payment. Quick and, of course, discreet, that’s exactly what today’s lightning loans are. It is also very positive that most of the short-term loans are not subject to any specific purpose . For the borrower, this means that the loan amount can be used for all requirements or purposes.

Whether for an urgent repair, for settling debts and bills or for a holiday with friends and acquaintances, the money can be used entirely according to the needs and wishes of the borrower.

Instant loan at a glance:

  • Fast and short processing time
  • immediate payout
  • discrete treatment of applications
  • attractive interest
  • security

Investments, there are many possibilities. Some of them are known, others are less public. But sometimes you just need money, be it for building a house or temporarily to finance. Unfortunately, borrowing money is not easy, but a true science in itself, because anyone who has ever dealt with loans and lending knows that borrowing money is a highly complex process.

When can a loan be taken

In general, a loan always depends on the solvency of the borrower. If you have ever been conspicuous because of payment problems and this is underpinned by a entry , it can be difficult to get a loan.

But who has a entry, which should not despair, because you can also get loans without query, but these are a little more expensive . Providers like easycredit also grant loans without queries.

Before the loan

Before you make up for it to seek offers from the banks and savings banks should prepare his papers thoroughly. One should set out his financial circumstances in order to give the lender a good picture of his income and his securities. If you want to take a loan, you should be able to cover the monthly installments.

Loans for the self-employed

Here it is difficult to get a loan from the traditional providers. Credit institutions are reluctant to take risks of any kind, as the financial crisis and other circumstances have put banks under financial pressure. While self-employed got cheap and fast loans 10 years ago, this is almost impossible today . As a self-employed person you can not resort to the usual offers of the banks.

Bank giants such as the Ikanobank (by Ikea) or easy credit do not lend to the self-employed. At least only in exceptional cases. So if you are not an employee, it is very hard to find the right credit. Here you can only ask the house bank for advice.

Valuations and factors

The cost of a loan depends on several factors. For one thing, you have to consider the income. If you have low-income income, you are at great risk for the lender and have to reckon with high credit costs.

However, hardly anyone knows that the institutions also assess the borrower according to certain criteria. This includes, among other things, the neighborhood and the fact how often one had a loan. This so-called scoring value is also common among insurance companies. So it is assumed on the basis of the residential area that someone who lives in an expensive area also has a good income .

Attention, if you are looking for a loan and are catching up on different offers, you should make sure that you do not make a query every time. Doing a query can impact the scoring value and the credit can be so much more expensive .


A credit of 15,000 euros can be obtained from the Institute Easy Credti already with a term of more than 80 months. This one must be able to handle rates of 243 euros a month. In addition there are additional costs.

Close to cash register? Which possibilities of money lending are there?

The first way to get money would be going to a bank. If you are not negative in the , it should not be a problem to get a loan.

However, one must be concerned that interest rates will be incurred again. This means that you do not only pay back the amount borrowed, but extra money to borrow the money.

For this purpose, an appointment should be arranged in the bank to negotiate the terms of the loan in a customer consultant meeting.

Check several providers

To find out which bank is the best offer for you, it is advisable to talk to different providers. Often it is also helpful to count on acquaintances or friends who have ever taken a loan from a bank and thus can speak from experience. It can happen again and again that it prevents an important other purchase, that the monthly loan installment can be paid. For this, the option for one-off pausing will certainly be available at one or the other bank.

The level of the rate also plays a role, because often you want to repay the money you borrow quickly to get rid of the debt. But you should not misjudge yourself. Prefer to take a slightly lower rate and pay longer than too much and get in distress.

Borrow money online

If you want to save yourself the way to the bank, there is also a possibility to borrow money online. Just use the Google search and read through the numerous offers. But just because it is easier and faster, it is very important to pay attention to what you conclude. It is advisable to inform yourself in advance about current interest rates, so that you do not end up paying more interest than how you have borrowed money. One should, of course, as well read everything else exactly, even the fine print, because often hide there any clauses and one is under these circumstances then not able to take out a loan there.

There are now enough comparison portals that also give people who are in the chance of a loan. But just these people have to read the terms very carefully, because often hide here more repayment costs than the usual loans. Especially because the provider would like to have the security to get his money back. So it can happen that you again get into a hopeless debt trap. It does not help anyone if you are later unable to pay the monthly installment.

The short-term loan

But if you want to borrow only a small amount and possibly because of this investment then only money can be taken, who can take a quick short-term loan. The advantage here is that you have the money within 24 hours on the account and can quickly make the planned purchase. This is of course practical for people who want to do something with their own and who only need a few pieces of furniture, for example for a beauty or nail salon.

Due to the exporting work and the cash flow of the customers, it is then possible to fulfill the conditions of the credit provider, because here is the disadvantage that the borrowed money has to be repaid in a few months and with higher interest rates than usual.

It then requires a precise private or business calculation. Is it even possible to repay this money in such a short time? This type of money lending offers banks but also online portals, but it is always a risk, because the money you do not have today, then tomorrow must be available. Do you have the money tomorrow? If not, it might be better to look for another way to get some money quickly.

Borrow money from private

In order to avoid high interest rates, there is also the possibility to borrow the money from a private person. There are online portals where borrowers create their project. The advantage for both is the financial side. The lender may have a lot of money, so he is able to lend it to someone, but on the safe side and offers his money on this portal. In addition, he receives a return, which of course is paid by the borrower.

Perhaps this return is kept lower than bank rates. You should probably compare this. But even a person from the family comes to borrow money in question. Even if there is confidence in the repayment, you should make a contract where black is in, how much money has been borrowed, and what the monthly installment is. Even if the amount is so small, it is always safer to have something in your hand when payment difficulties arise.

In addition, there is the possibility to visit a lawyer or an office with a contract and then possibly get his money back. In general, however, it is not advisable to borrow money within the family. Just to avoid trouble and disputes.

The advance from the employer

If you have a good and understanding employer, you could also consider the possibility and ask for a salary advance. Then you should also plan ahead, because if you get the salary of the next month in this month and then spend it, then you are later without money there. So this option would only be acceptable if the spouse also expects salary to make ends meet.

How about asking the employer for a loan? If it is a big company that makes a lot of profits quickly, it should not be a problem for him to lend his staff something and charge a small fee in the form of a low interest rate. This is an advantage for the employee and the employer because the boss can simply deduct the salary from the salary, so the employee will not be able to pay his monthly salary at all.

Even the employer profited from it, because he eventually gets more money back than he borrowed. Once the loan has been settled, a great relationship of trust is created between the boss and the employee, and he would certainly always be ready to help his employee once in a while.


If you need a loan or cash quickly, you will be well advised with a lightning loan. The application is made directly online and a payment can be made within a few hours. Another way to get cash is a loan from a private person. Even in such cases, however, a bank must be involved.

Whichever loan is best, everyone has to decide for themselves. However, it is clear that it is possible to quickly get cash.

Emergency loan Without BKR

Those who take out an emergency loan without BKR will receive the money into their account the same day.


This is useful for paying an unexpected bill. It is also possible that you are suddenly invited by friends to go on a city trip or you want to go to a birthday. Then an emergency loan can be the solution to pay the fun. You know that your salary will be credited within a few weeks : then you can see the emergency loan as an advance on this payment.

It is a great advantage that an emergency loan is credited to your account on the same day. With a rush loan without BKR you borrow a small amount that you have to repay in the short term , such as 15 days, 30 days, or a maximum of 45 days. Via Geld Salon you can easily and quickly arrange an emergency loan as an advance payment on your salary.


  • Emergency loan Without BKR-Check
  • Requesting an urgent loan at
  • Advance payment: 500 Euro
  • Request a Minilening as a
  • With Rushing Money Without BKR-Check
  • Request an advance on your salary
  • Quickly request a

Emergency loan Without BKR-Check

A quick advance on your salary.

What is a good time for applying for an emergency loan? As mentioned earlier, an unexpected account is such a situation. What if your car or boiler unexpectedly fails? Those are the urgent problems that you can not ignore. You have to be able to go to work, and a broken boiler also has to work quickly again. You can not let your family live a cold house. A rush loan without BKR test gives you the opportunity to let your life go through . With an advance on your salary you can take your responsibility for an unexpected repair.

It also happens that you want to go on holiday but that you have no holiday allowance left. You can then take an advance on your salary of this month and still enjoy a city break or beach holiday. With a rush loan you have enough cash to pay for it.

Requesting an urgent loan

At Geld Salon we offer the service that you can go to a provider of an emergency loan with two clicks . We give you background information and link you to the application form for an emergency loan. You have a choice of different providers of emergency loans: you can be sure that you are applying for a loan with the best conditions in your situation .

At Geld Salon we have different articles about a mini-loan. This way you know in advance what to look out for. You also get insight into the amounts and maturities of different lenders. For example, under the conditions that you have to have your own income, so that the lender knows that you can also redeem the mini credit quickly.

You can request an advance payment on your salary, in other words a mini loan, via the website of a lender . Click on the message at the top of this article to go to the website of a suitable mini-library. You can fill in the form within 10 minutes. If they approve your application, the money can be transferred quickly and you can already use it.

The first time you apply for a mini loan without BKR , there is a maximum to the amount that you can borrow. They first want to see that you have paid back the money in time. After you have established a customer relationship with your lender, you can borrow higher amounts. That can go up to 800 euros. It is about monitoring your reputation as a reliable customer who fulfills his or her commitments . This way you automatically gain access to higher amounts for your mini loan.

It may happen that the lender rejects your request for a mini loan. They do not test at the BKR, but they do see if you have other debts open. Or you do not have enough income to be sure that you can repay the mini-loan. If you have a part-time job with a part-time salary you better not borrow money. That is too risky. What you can do in that case is to submit an application to your bank, or you can turn red for an amount of up to 500 euros .

Advance payment: 500 Euro

Customers of a bank with a low income can be red for a small amount. You can compare a miniature loan with an advance: 500 euros is a reasonable amount . It seems to be red at the bank . Do you work part-time for a salary of 1000 euros per month? Those who regularly receive that amount in his or her account can afford a small overdraft. For example, the bank can judge that you can turn 500 euros red, because you receive enough salary every month. They know that you are definitely out of the red every month. You can compare a miniature loan with red: it is an advance on your salary.

Such an advance works well if, for example, you receive an unexpected bill . That can give you a big fine if you do not pay after the reminder. The costs of a mini-loan are always lower. An advance of 500 euros is arranged and you pay back the borrowed amount as soon as your salary of this month has been transferred.

A mini-loan costs money for the interest, but that amount is not that high. That is because the term is only short. Just as with overdraft, an advance has only the interest of a few euros. You pay it back within a month, so that amount does not rise that high . A mini-loan does have optional extra costs. So it may be that you want to have your borrowed amount directly on your account. Borrowing fast has higher costs than a mini loan on which you can wait for four days.

Request a Mini loan

Are you looking for a provider of a mini-loan? Click quickly to the providers in the ad at the top of this blog post. Then you can quickly request an advance payment on your salary. A mini-loan is suitable for the unexpected account such as a mobile phone or a birthday that you did not see for a while. But if you have a fixed salary, there are enough lenders that can give you an advance . A rush loan has a short term of a maximum of 45 days, so you pay it back quickly.

Check your finances beforehand. This way you can be sure that you can repay the emergency loan within the agreed term. Have you planted any other bill or messages when your salary is credited to your account? Check carefully whether you can miss the amount of the emergency loan at that time. Whoever redeems the mini-loan too late, gets a high fine . You run that risk with an emergency loan: if you still receive an unexpected expense, you will miss the repayment date and then you will incur additional costs. Borrowing money costs money: only do it if it is the best solution .

TIP: How do you know what a sensible amount is for a quick mini loan? Look at your monthly expenses. Add the rent or mortgage to your gas and lighting, internet and telephone bill. Then you still have the costs for transport and groceries. The total sum is the amount that you need every month to make ends meet. Subtract that amount from your salary. How much remains? That is what you can pay for a maximum monthly salary. Is the amount lower than an advance of 500 euros? Then lend less, for example 100 euros. It goes without saying that your mini-loan should never be higher than that amount. Otherwise you run the risk of a payment arrears.

With Rushing Money Without BKR-Check

An advance of 500 euros is not checked at the BKR. The lender does not take the trouble for such a small loan, they have sufficient guarantee on your payslip that you can repay the emergency loan. So you can easily take out a mini loan, even if you have a payment arrears on a personal loan on a revolving credit. Your salary must be high enough to cover your monthly payments and the advance payment . That is the only thing that the borrower and the lender have to pay attention to when making the application.

An advance has a maximum of 800 euros and has a pay-off period of 15 days, 30 days, or 45 days . Choose this term as short as possible. For example, if your salary is on your account in 10 days, you can best choose a repayment term of 15 days. So you only pay a few euros in interest and you have the cheapest mini loan.

Whoever redeems the mini-loan in time can then borrow money with the same lender again. This way you build up a good customer relationship and you have the opportunity to quickly get an advance on your salary. Everyone has an unexpected expense. It gives you peace of mind that you can always contact this lender for some extra financial space . This way you can quickly borrow money at any time without BKR check .

Request an advance on your salary

Do you know that student joke: ” At the end of my money I always have a month left .” Anyone who is short of cash but has a view of the payment of a salary or fixed benefit, can make an advance on that payout. You can continue to live or pay an invoice. It does not cost you much to spend part of the money from your salary now. You can compare it with red at the bank. That only costs a few euros per month. It is best to live with that because of the ease of extra financial space.

An example in which a quick mini loan can make the difference is a transaction on eBay or Marketplace . Timing is an important part of a good deal: is there an item for a low price for sale? And you know as a smart trader that you can resell it for a higher amount? Then you can act quickly and hide the article for the attention of other traders. But it may be that the article costs a few hundred euros. Watches, laptops and jewelery cost easily 500 euros or more . Where do you get that money from? Request a mini loan with the option that money is on your account within 10 minutes. Then you can make that purchase and sell the item at a profit. The interest of a mini-loan is only a few euros, so it is a good business decision to finance your transaction with an advance on your salary.

An advance does not cost much interest . The term is short. You can also save on costs if you can wait 4 days to pay. Who wants to have this emergency loan immediately in his or her account has to pay extra. The costs of the emergency loan are therefore higher. But for the borrower who has the luxury of waiting, an emergency loan is a cheap way to quickly arrange some financial space.

An advance on your salary is so requested: a quick mini loan of a few hundred euros will come to your account within a few days. Whoever chooses the quick option can quickly borrow money, within 10 minutes, but that costs extra. Do it only if it is a real emergency loan.

You can repay the emergency loan when your salary for this month is on your account. The duration can be chosen exactly so that you have some extra financial space until you can redeem the fast mini loan. For example, if your salary is on your account in 20 days, you can opt for a 30-day repayment term for your mini loan. Then you do not pay more interest than necessary. It is also wise to already schedule the transfer of the amount . Internet banking has the advantage that you do not have to think about it afterwards. That limits the risk that you forget to transfer the money.

Mini Loan for Students

As a student you are sometimes a little short of cash, the costs of student life can rise unexpectedly .


You no longer have student finance from the government, so you have to save it with a job and help from your parents. And you can borrow.

If you are requesting a student loan for the fixed costs, you can arrange this. Any Dutch student can apply for this loan.

The costs of a student are about 1000 euros per month. That is a high amount, for someone who does not receive a full-time salary. The biggest cost item is your room . In most cities with a university or college, the rent of a room is between 350 and 500 euros. You also have the costs of:

  • phone,
  • internet,
  • groceries,
  • transport,
  • study books,
  • and other costs.

Students apply for a loan

At you can apply for a student loan if you are registered with a study program in the Netherlands. So you usually have enough money to pay the monthly costs.

A student loan at has favorable conditions. You do not have to pay it back immediately, as with a mini-loan or red. Only two years after you have graduated you must start paying back . And the amount of the amount per month depends on your income. If you do not earn so much, then the monthly amount is not that high either. These schemes make it possible for everyone and pay a study. So you do not have to think about money while studying.

You can take out an additional loan for the unexpected expenses . For example, many students are familiar with ‘standing red’, a temporary loan from your bank. You quickly get rid of that once your monthly income is credited. Then you are “out of the red” again and in the end you only have to pay a few euros for a small loan. The handy of red standing is that you can arrange it in advance . Then you can automatically borrow money if necessary.

Mini Loan for Students Request

If you have a part-time job, you can also take out a mini-loan in addition to being red. A private money provider offers the possibility to borrow a small amount via the Internet . The term is short, 15 or 30 days. Sometimes it is also possible to repay the amount within 45 days. But then the interest costs are also higher.

The lender sees your wages from your part-time job as a guarantee that you can pay off the minus loan. That is why a mini loan or mini credit is a good solution for the unexpected expenses of a student.

Calculate quickly whether your financial situation is suitable for taking out a mini loan. You are eligible for a mini loan for students if you have a fixed income every month. A sideline or loan from a is considered a fixed income. If your fixed costs are lower than this monthly income, you can repay a mini loan quickly. You can see it as an advance on that monthly income.

Example: you have an income of 1000 euros and your fixed expenses are 800 euros. Then you have 200 euros free to spend next month . That amount is available for paying off a mini loan. That means you can close a mini loan of about 200 euros this month. The lender knows that you have 200 euro available within the 15 or 30 day period. You can use that for the repayment. For example, a mini loan can be a solution if you have unexpected expenses. December is every year an expensive month, or if you have an unexpected expense such as the cost of an annual party of your student association.

Borrow Money Without BKR Review

The amounts of a mini loan are between 100 and 800 euros. With the income of the typical student you can borrow around 200 to 300. You have to be able to pay it back within a month. You can not pay in installments. A mini-loan is therefore less flexible than red standing or a revolving credit . You also have the option to redeem the mini loan earlier than the agreed term.

All loans from the Netherlands are registered with the Bureau Kredietregistratie (BKR) in Tiel. Most adult Dutch people can be red and many have a mortgage, personal loan or revolving credit . When you take out a new loan, the lender at the BKR can check whether you can repay a new loan. They then look at how many loans you already have, and whether you have incurred a payment arrears in the past five years. Anyone who has had difficulty repaying is no longer eligible for a larger loan.

Fortunately, a provider of a mini loan does not look at your BKR status . They look at the level of your fixed income: that is sufficient guarantee. They do not carry out a BKR check for your application for a mini loan.


Borrow direct money

The advantage of a mini loan is that you get the opportunity to get the money on your account as a matter of urgency . Borrowing money without BKR testing within 10 minutes is arranged . The employees of the lender will immediately process your application. The amount can still be on your account the same day. For this it is important that you have an account with the same bank as the lender. Then there is no delay of the transferred amount between different banks. But if you have an account with one of the larger banks then the amount of your minus loan can still be on your account the same day.

Fast Money loan without hassle

It can happen due to unexpected circumstances that you will be without money .


You have to find a solution quickly so that you can pay the bills until the end of the month. Where can you urgently borrow money for the financial space you need now?

You have to have some money in your pocket to do the weekly shopping. You can then continue with the planned outings for the weekend. Do you have an appointment to go to the movies with friends or a meal with your family? It would be a shame to postpone nice activities just because you have a temporary financial shortage. This article is about borrowing money quickly, so that you have enough money in your account. The money is transferred the same day . With a flash credit it can in some cases even within 10 minutes .


An Emergency Loan Without BKR Assessment

How long does it take before the loan amount is transferred? That mainly depends on the amount of the amount. A loan credit is a short-term loan of a few hundred euros. You can borrow money so quickly . It is not that much money, but still enough to bring the end of the month. This kind of minicredit is possible if you have a fixed income, such as a salary . Think of it as an advance on your next payout. You can request and arrange a mini loan online. So you have easy money, without any hassles.

 A mini loan is the only possibility of borrowing money for people with negative BKR quotation . An ordinary bank then gives no credit, because they find the risk too big. That is also to protect the borrower himself. A larger loan, such as a revolving credit or a personal loan, is then not possible. But this loan has a different purpose than paying bills or sustaining your lifestyle through some extra financial space.

With a larger loan amount, such as for buying a car or a boat, the lender makes a BKR test . That way they know for sure that the borrower can make the monthly payments. Anyone who has a negative BKR code with his or her name can not borrow a higher amount of money. For borrowing without BKR-check you will have to apply for a mini loan or flash credit.

Why close an urgent loan?

You can only borrow money urgently if you have a permanent job. In some cases you can also borrow money with a benefit , but the lender will certainly lend you money quickly if you have a steady income. A mini loan can be compared to an advance on your salary . It is intended to cover consumer spending this month. The repayment term is short: 15 or 30 days. With other credit providers the term is 45 days. The short repayment period of a mini loan makes it a cheaper loan than, for example, a revolving credit. You are obliged to repay the amount in full at once, plus the interest.

The advantage of a mini-loan is that an easy solution is to borrow money urgently. A personal loan or a revolving credit takes at least a few days to arrange. This is usually not an obstacle, because these larger loans are taken out for purchases that you think about in advance, such as a car or boat. With a mini-loan you can arrange it faster: you only have to mail a payslip and fill in an online form . So you can easily get a few hundred euros on your bill. This way of borrowing money is suitable if you have a fixed salary, but temporarily need extra financial space.

Fast Money Borrow Without Hassle

A mini credit is a solution for quick money borrowing without hassle . Anyone who has borrowed money before knows what a hassle it is to arrange a loan. You have to fill in a few complicated forms. Then you have to hand it in at the office. And then wait and see if someone looks at it and that you hear something from it. Nowadays you can borrow money without hassle without having to leave the house. Arrange it easily and quickly via the Internet. You fill in a form on the website of a lender. They immediately view your application. If they have more questions, they will quickly contact you by mail or by telephone. This way your new mini-loan is quickly arranged.

Applying for a loan is easiest via the internet. You can apply for a revolving credit of a few thousand euros but also a mortgage or a quick mini loan. An online lender has a website with a simple form. You answer a few questions about your income and living situation, and you’re done.

You can also quickly compare different providers via the websites . The conditions of a mini loan are important for your interest costs and payment term. That’s why it’s good that a lender shares the information so clearly on their website. Look at the possibilities and offers to find the miniature loan with the low price and favorable conditions.

The ad in this article is an offer from a lender for a quick mini loan. You can borrow money quickly via the internet if you request a quote online. You can easily compare interest rates and other conditions. These are cheaper than the interest you pay with a traditional lender, such as a bank. Private lenders are specialized in mini-loans and have set up their website accordingly.

Those who apply for a mini loan online do not even have to come to the office . You can handle it quickly via email: you can quickly borrow money from home. At the first request you will also be called to make sure that the data is correct on the form. You can also forward any additional information via email.

A Mini loan without hassle

We advise you to compare different loans with each other, so that you can be sure that you choose the right conditions . Read more articles about borrowing money with a mini credit. It is set up with reliable information about increasing your financial space: by earning money with a part-time job or your own company, or a fast loan at low interest rates. It depends on your situation what suits you best.

It may be that you have some unexpected costs this month and you have to pay an invoice quickly. You can cover those expenses with a mini loan and borrow money with speed. 

Instant Loan

As soon as the savings on the savings accounts are insufficient, a loan is the last resort, for better or worse. 

With an instant loan, borrowers are financially independent within a very short time and can settle their outstanding bills or claims. Since usually the loan amount is not subject to a specific purpose, the money can be used in principle for everything. Whether it is for the purchase of a new facility, for a family vacation or to cover or settle debts, a helps and can be applied simply and discreetly.

What advantages does an instant loan offer?

The advantage of an instant loan, even is that it can be applied for directly on the Internet and after successful examination already on the next day to pay out . Due to the numerous offers of loans, borrowers naturally enjoy many attractive loan offers. Instant loans are mostly given by direct banks and these in turn also offer the advantage that the credit checks are often not very strict.

Even those who already have a loan from another bank or have a very low monthly income can apply for an immediate payment loan from direct banks. The chances of a positive commitment are usually very good.

Lending comparison helps to find good offer

When it comes to the topic of credit and therefore money, then should not premature contract signing will be made. Even if it has to be done quickly and cash is needed within a very short time, the offers should be compared. A loan offer with a low interest rate does not always have to be the best . Very often there are clauses in the credit agreement for further costs and fees. Thus, if necessary, the apparently cheap credit can quickly become expensive.

Borrowers should therefore conduct a credit comparison to find a suitable offer. This comparison can be done relatively easily on the Internet. In addition to a good (low) interest, processing and payment fees should be kept in mind.

How long does the payout take?

When it comes to a lightning loan, the payment is usually within 24 hours. Quick and unbureaucratic, that’s the instant loan. The application is online and if further documents (salary statements, proof of report) are required, these will also be transmitted online . The original contract is usually sent to the borrower by post. The instant loan, borrowers can almost put together on the Internet themselves. Simply select the desired loan amount, term or monthly installments and an offer will be made immediately.

If you need a loan today, you have a very good opportunity to get your financial worries under control with the direct banks and the instant loans.


In summary, instant loans can be said to become more popular. A quick or short processing time, attractive interest and a free use are just some of the advantages of a loan with immediate payment. If you need money quickly, you should take a closer look at the numerous offers of the direct banks and submit a loan application online. Instant loans are mostly available up to Euro 10.000,00 relatively easily.